Lipscomb Academy Employment Information

Lipscomb Academy is an intentionally Christian community with a mission to equip students to love to learn, learn to love, and live to serve.

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Lipscomb Academy. Minimum qualifications for candidates are a bachelor's degree, teaching certification in their subject area (or areas), and active membership in the Church of Christ. 

Current Positions Available:  (click the link below to complete an application)

SEED School Admissions Specialist

SEED School - Teacher's Aide


Varsity Boys' Soccer Head Coach

Lipscomb Academy Shuttle Bus Driver

Requirements for becoming an approved SUBSTITUTE:

  • Complete the application (ONLY for substitutes) found here:. 
  • Successful candidates must undergo a criminal background check and show proof of identity and authorization to work in the United States.
  • A teaching certificate is not required to substitute teach.
  • Transcripts are not required for substitutes.

Lipscomb Academy Criminal History Record Check Procedures

Policy Governing Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Record Information Checks
Made for Non-Criminal Justice Purposes

Application Information
Lipscomb Academy is committed to hiring practices that result in employment of individuals who pose no known risk of physical, emotional or education harm to children. For this reason, Lipscomb Academy requires all volunteer and employment applicants to disclose any and all criminal or employment sanctions as well as any acts that they have committed that caused or, that in a school setting are likely to cause, physical, emotional or educational harm to children.

General Statement of Policy
Lipscomb Academy has adopted a policy, the purpose of which is to promote the physical, social, and psychological well-being of its students. Pursuant to this policy, all persons having contact with or who are in the proximity to school children or children in childcare programs at Lipscomb Academy must submit the complete criminal history record information (“CHRI”), pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-5-413. This includes a search of Federal Bureau of Investigation and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation criminal history files through fingerprinting. 

Before a CHRI check can be conducted, individuals will be required to sign a Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System Waiver consenting to the background check. If, at any time, the background check discloses any misrepresentation on the individual’s initial application or other employment related documents, any felony conviction, or any misdemeanor convictions involving violence, theft, dishonesty, fraud, abuse, drugs or sexual misconduct, a prospective employee will not be considered for employment and a current employee will be terminated. 

All parties are to use Lipscomb Academy’s ORI# so that the results will be reported to the Office of the Head of School. 

Lipscomb Academy advises all applicants that hiring decisions and volunteer approvals are contingent upon satisfactory background check results.  

Challenging the Accuracy of the CHRI
Procedures to challenge the accuracy or completeness of an individual’s record are set forth in 28 CFR §16.34 and may be downloaded from

Storage of CHRI
Lipscomb Academy will only store CHRI for extended periods of time when needed for the integrity and/or utility of an individual’s personnel file. Federal law prohibits the repurposing or dissemination of CHRI beyond its initial requested purpose. The results of the CHRI will be maintained in the individual’s personnel file stored in the Office of the Head of School. Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards have been implemented to ensure the security and confidentiality of CHRI. In addition, each individual involved in the handling of CHRI will strictly adhere to the policy on the storage and destruction of CHRI. Only those individuals deemed “Authorized Personnel” will have access to the CHRI. Such individuals include the Head of School, Executive Assistant to the Head of School, upper and lower school heads, and the Office of Human Resources. 

Misuse of CHRI
Persons found to be in violation of applicable state or federal laws, the current FBI CJIS Security Policy, or other applicable rules or regulations, including Lipscomb Academy’s Information Security Policy, may be subject to disciplinary action, including, without limitation, termination of employment, counseling, the reassignment of CHRI responsibilities, dismissal, civil penalties or prosecution. Discipline will be based on the severity of the infraction at the discretion of Lipscomb Academy. Misuse will be reported to the Tennessee Crime Information Center, Criminal Justice Information System Office. 

Destruction of CHRI
At such time as any CHRI results are no longer needed, they will be destroyed. 

VECHS Waiver Form

For information regarding employment other than teaching -- secretarial, maintenance, etc., please contact the Lipscomb University Human Resources office at 615.966.7007.