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Patricia Wood Named National Christian School Association Teacher of the Year

Jessica Costea, Lipscomb Academy senior  | 

Patricia Wood, seventh grade teacher

Patricia Wood, seventh-grade math teacher, instills in her students who they are as much as whose they are and reminds them that God will use His plan and His timing for each of them for the good of those who love Him.

From the time that Patricia Wood turned 11, she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. The years she spent in school following this realization only further confirmed this for her. When she attended Lipscomb University, she decided that she wanted to be a physical education teacher, and in less than a year after graduation, she obtained this job. However, God had another plan for her. After only two years of working in physical education, a peer of hers suggested that she become a sixth-grade math teacher. She took this opportunity and has loved teaching math ever since. 

Over the past 45 years of her teaching career, she impacted all of her students and peers greatly. She opened the eyes of her students to see a world where they belong and where they are loved. She constantly reminds her students to this day that they are the writers of their own stories. She also reminds them that God will use his plan and his timing to implement whatever it is that they choose to do with their lives.  

When students enter Mrs. Wood’s classroom, the first thing they notice is her warm energy and encouraging spirit. Written on the wall of her classroom is a verse; Jeremiah 29:11– “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” This is the message she wants all of her students to hear from God. She wants them to know that He is always by their sides and is leading them to a beautiful life. 

She expressed, “The most rewarding part of teaching is seeing the kids you taught several years ago going out into the world and chasing their dreams.” When she sees students that she once taught that are now seniors, she is often shocked by how fast the time has gone by. This goes to show that when you are doing something you truly love every day around the people you love, it's important to not take the people or things around you for granted. 

Mrs. Wood cares deeply for all of those around her. She believes in humbling herself to lift others up. She believes in working together with her peers to solve any problem they might encounter. She believes in family and most importantly, her family at Lipscomb Academy that brings her closer to God every day while she unknowingly does the same for Lipscomb students. From her 43 year of teaching at Lipscomb Academy, God has taught her patience, perseverance and that you can never stop learning. 

Mrs. Wood is no stranger to awards as she has won two Teacher of the Year Awards at Lipscomb Academy, but she is overwhelmingly shocked and excited to be given the National Christian School Association Teacher of the Year Award. Although she has never felt deserving of any of these awards, it is her humble heart and kind character that makes her the most deserving of all of these awards. 

Lipscomb Academy is so proud of you, Mrs. Wood. We hope you know the impact you have made at our school. We are so glad that impact is being celebrated by others in such a big way.