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Highest Honors Awarded to Lipscomb Academy Seniors

Amanda Price  | 

Mr. and Miss Lipscomb 2020-21

Adele Duncan and Tate Taylor are Miss and Mr. Lipscomb 2020-21

Each year, a boy and girl from the senior class is chosen by his or her peers to represent Lipscomb Academy. The Class of 2020 has selected Adele Duncan as Miss Lipscomb and Tate Taylor as Mr. Lipscomb for the 2020-21 academic year. These are the two highest honors that a student at Lipscomb Academy can receive. Mr. and Miss Lipscomb exemplify what Lipscomb Academy stands for, and Adele and Tate will represent the academy throughout the year. 

Elise McFarlin, 2020 Homecoming Queen

Additionally, as Homecoming approaches, the student body named Elise McFarlin as the 2020 Homecoming Queen.

Congratulations to all three recipients!