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Students spend time studying in the Honors College.

Collins Scholar Honors Experience

Enrich your first-year studies through intellectual exploration, community engagement and campus leadership.

Housed within the Honors College, the Collins Scholars program elevates your freshman academic experience beyond the standard general education requirements. Engage with your new school and your new city as a scholar. 

Hit the ground running—starting with your first class, an experiential honors course designed to orient you to life at Lipscomb and introduce you to the elements of college that will sculpt your success. Experience the best of Nashville’s unique culture through the lens of learning. Gain preferential access to special lectures on campus that will immerse you in thought-provoking academic discourse.

Whether you're interested in pursuing the four-year Honors College or are just trying to get ahead on rigorous professional school applications with an honors designation, becoming a Collins Scholar is your gateway to an elevated academic profile. You'll be honored in our annual university awards ceremony and have a note attached to your official university transcript indicating your achievement of this distinction.

Program Requirements


Complete a minimum of nine (9) honors hours in the freshman year, including the required honors Lipscomb Experience course. The most common supplemental courses in the honors curriculum are Story of Jesus and Story of the Church, though other honors classes can substitute for one or both of these Bible courses.


Each year, the Honors College offers four major honors outings and sponsors several more events on and around campus. To earn your Collins Scholar designation, please attend at least one outing and one honors-sponsored activity.


To be awarded a Collins Scholar designation, you must attend either the President's Scholar lecture or another approved lecture during your freshman year. 

Grade Point Average

Earn a minimum 3.4 GPA at the end of your first year. 

Two Honors College students play chess.

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