Pre-Law at Lipscomb University

Supporting you as you think about, prepare for and ultimately apply to law school

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Lipscomb's pre-law program was created to help you make the most of your college education. We'll provide you with the resources needed to discover whether a career in the legal profession is right for you and to help you prepare to enter the field of law.

Pre-law is not a major at Lipscomb, but a specialization in addition to a chosen major. That means you'll select any field of study that interests you and prepare to attend law school after earning a four-year degree. There is no right major for those wanting to attend law school. Any major that emphasizes analytical and critical writing skills, as well as research techniques, will help you prepare for law school.

One of our greatest assets is the personal advice and counsel you will receive from our pre-law advisors. Their goal is to assist you in any way possible, to discuss if and when you should go to law school, to advise on how best to prepare for the LSAT, to outline the application process and more. 

If you are interested in law as a possible career, contact one of Lipscomb's pre-law advisors. We're here to discuss the many opportunities you have and the best way to take advantage of your education at Lipscomb.

A few answers to some commonly asked questions

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I’m interested in going to law school; can Lipscomb help me get there?

If you plan to study law, Lipscomb University is an excellent place to begin. Most of our undergraduate programs have been designed to promote rigorous reading, writing and critical thinking skills—the very skills that law schools value most highly. Consequently, our graduates have been accepted into some of the nation’s premier law programs: Harvard, Vanderbilt, Penn, Emory, Georgetown, Duke, USC, Tulane, William & Mary, Pepperdine, The Ohio State University; and the Universities of Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky (to name just a few). Lipscomb alumni have gone on to serve in a wide range of legal positions, including judges and officials in local, state, and federal government; attorneys for corporations, private firms, and non-profits; and prosecutors and public defenders.

Which major should I pick if I’m interested in law?

Law schools accept strong students from all academic majors, so pick any major that suits your academic skills and interests. Since there are no specific courses required for admission to law school, our pre-law advisors will help you find a major in which your particular aptitudes will best help you develop the strong academic record that law schools seek. As a general rule, your pre-law advisor will advise you to select courses that challenge you to read widely and deeply; ponder concepts critically and objectively; analyze complex situations precisely; synthesize evidence constructively; and communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively. And don’t underestimate the value of Lipscomb’s core liberal arts requirements: they are ideally suited to developing the broad cultural and intellectual background that law schools value and that successful legal careers demand.

Besides making good grades, what else should I do to prepare myself for admission to law school?

The most successful law school applicants combine strong academic performance with meaningful extracurricular activity, so be sure to take advantage of the many dynamic learning opportunities Lipscomb provides beyond the classroom, especially some of the following:

  • Internships: Lipscomb students have acquired valuable experience relevant to the legal profession by serving as interns in the state Attorney General’s office, Public Defenders office, District Attorney’s Office, the Tennessee State Legislature, Capitol Hill, and others.
  • Phi Alpha Delta (International Pre-Law Society): This organization is a national, student-run Pre-Law fraternity that provides an on-campus community for those interested in attending law school.
  • Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature: This is an annual legislative session conducted by college students from across Tennessee, providing students with an education about Tennessee state government and a channel to express their opinions on state issues.
  • Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court: The judicial branch of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature, which presides over the Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge.
  • Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge: This is a groundbreaking program where Tennessee undergraduates argue appellate cases with their peers.
  • LIFE Program: This program takes traditional Lipscomb students to classes at the Tennessee Prison for Women to learn from and with women who have real-life experience with the criminal justice system.

Learn more about a career in law

For general information about our pre-law program, or if you are an undergraduate student with an undecided major, contact any pre-law advisor below; or you may contact one of the advisors in a specific major program.

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