Take a look. Then take a class.

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First step in registering for an online course is to make sure we have what you need!  At the class schedule tool to find out, simply fill in…

  1. Select a term in which you want to take the class.
  2. Select “Web-based” in the Schedule Type box to only show you online courses.
  3. Select the subject or subjects you want to take. Or leave the selection as “All Subjects” to see what is available in all subject areas. And, yes, you can take multiple online courses.
  4. Click the “Search Class” button, and voila! Your online class selections will appear on the screen.


Already a Lipscomb student? Great! Talk with your advisor about your online course selection and then just sign in to myLipscomb and register for your online class as you normally do.

Are you a Visiting Student? That’s great, too! Take a moment to find out how to apply as a Visiting Student. As with any course you take away from your home college, please consult with your home college about the transferability of your course selection.  

Once you are successfully registered, sign in to myLipscomb and under the LAUNCH menu option you will have access to Blackboard and can start taking a look at your class. If you have any questions, contact your instructor just as if you were in a traditional classroom.


Cost for online classes is the same as traditional classroom format courses. If you are not familiar with Lipscomb’s current tuition information, take a quick look.