Promoting Integrity

Students don’t have to go it alone! Lipscomb faculty and staff are always available to discuss issues of academic integrity. In fact, faculty members are encouraged to champion an atmosphere of academic integrity in the classroom in several ways:

  1. Establish clear expectations for every assignment, project and exam.
  2. Include a statement about commitment to integrity and expectations in the class syllabus.
  3. Discuss how to use proper citations to shoe respect for other scholars.
  4. Walk the talk … cite sources in class lectures.
  5. Encourage students to raise their hands if they are confused about citation practices or other research standards.
  6. Make sure students understand not only what counts as plagiarism and cheating but also how to avoid engaging in these practices. This can include conversations about managing time, taking notes correctly and using the Internet appropriately.
  7. Make expectations clear. Provide written guidelines about collaborating with peers, citing sources, using notes or exams from previous classes, and accessing information during an examination.
  8. Assign focused and specific research topics and don’t allow last-minute changes of topic.
  9. Reduce the opportunities, and hence the temptation, to cheat on exams such as by changing exam questions often.
  10. Demonstrate commitment to the standards by investigating and reporting suspected cases of academic integrity violations in a timely manner. See Violations.