Academic Integrity

It’s almost silly to state the obvious: in the business of educating to learn facts, truth and to gain understanding, a commitment to academic integrity is core. But we realize that well meaning people can have moments when recognizing and making difficult choices is not always clear at the time. Here is our effort to put our immutable commitment to academic veracity and conduct – and our expectations around it – down in black and white. 


A community built on principles of Christlikeness sets a very high standard! To put this into human terms, here is what we expect of each of the three broad groups of the university community: faculty, staff, students.  To find out what to do in case of a violation, click here.


Lipscomb University students, faculty and staff are responsible for conducting themselves with high integrity, both inside and outside of the academic setting. Having an awareness of what constitutes “academic fraud” is helpful to everyone.  Just in case there is any question about how we define violations of academic integrity, here is a list of the key “definitions.”

Promoting integrity

Students don’t have to go it alone! Lipscomb faculty and staff are always available to discuss issues of academic integrity. In fact, faculty members are encouraged to champion an atmosphere of academic integrity in the classroom in several ways.


Lipscomb University subscribes to a specific process in dealing with violations of academic integrity that begins with the instructor’s investigation and can go through to review and action by the university’s Integrity Council.