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Academic Journal

The Center for Christianity and Scholarship is launching a fully digital academic peer-reviewed Journal to serve and uphold the high standard of academic excellence that is a hallmark of the Christian Scholars’ Conference.

The Journal joins with the CSC and other Center initiatives as a full flowering of the original vision that calls together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to develop their own academic research and to reflect on the integration of scholarship and Christianity. The Journal will advance the sound academic infrastructure of the CSC by deepening the scope and broadening the impact of the CSC.

The Journal will deepen scholarship of the CSC and beyond as a resource for scholars at their desks and in the classroom. The Journal will publish double-blind peer-reviewed articles, poetry, book review forums, CSC plenary addresses, and other intermittent sections as opportunities arise, emphasizing the intersections of religion and other academic disciplines. With a media component, the Journal will serve to enhance its interdisciplinary appeal and contribute as a classroom aid. With a written component, the Journal will follow established models of scholarship, facilitating the progression of academic work from CSC presentations into publishable articles. While the Journal will not be limited to CSC participants and their papers, it will solicit submissions from the best CSC presentations and panel discussions.

The Journal will broaden the reach of the CSC through its digital production and “rolling release” of content. This pattern of rolling releases will allow flexibility to distribute information and enter into and shape relevant conversations in a timely fashion, reinforcing the Journal’s mission to serve as a pedagogical resource for classroom instruction. While the CSC takes place over three days in June at a specific location, the Journal will transcend limitations of bounded space and delineated time to allow access to those seeking continued engagement with CSC scholarship, unable to attend, and as yet unacquainted with the CSC.

As the CSC gives people a broad education if they attend, so the journal will give folks a broad education when they read.