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placeholder for Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien


Contact via email
615.966.7036 (ext. 7036)

placeholder for Maureen O'Brien

Maureen O'Brien

Contact via email
615.966.5813 (ext. 5813)

placeholder for Shannon O'Brien

Shannon O'Brien

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Contact via email
615.966.5383 (ext. 5383)

placeholder for Allison O'Dell

Allison O'Dell

Elementary Instructional Aid

Contact via email
615.966.1783 (ext. 1783)

placeholder for Brian O'Neal

Brian O'Neal

Director, Ops and Engineering

Contact via email
615.966.6072 (ext. 6072)

Keith O'Neal

Keith O'Neal

Instructional Designer

Keith O'Neal, M.Ed., is an Instructional Designer for the Center for Teaching and Learning. He works with faculty to assist them in creating both hybrid and online courses, the goal being to meet the needs of both students and professors while creating quality learning experiences and maintaining Lipscomb’s unique focus... [More]

Contact via email
615.966.6020 (ext. 6020)

placeholder for Bonny O'Neill

Bonny O'Neill

Global Apprentice Coordinator

Contact via email
615.966.6041 (ext. 6041)

Jack O'Neill

Jack O'Neill

Adjunct Faculty

Contact via email
615.966.5174 (ext. 5174)

placeholder for Brooke Odum

Brooke Odum

Contact via email
615.966.5929 (ext. 5929)

placeholder for Sara Oeser

Sara Oeser

Rule 31 Coordinator

Contact via email
615.966.5085 (ext. 5085)

placeholder for Tameka Officer

Tameka Officer

Security Guard

Contact via email
615.966.7600 (ext. 7600)

placeholder for James Ogden

James Ogden

Asst. Baseball Pitching Coach

Contact via email
615.966.5879 (ext. 5879)

Julie Osteen

Julie Osteen


Contact via email
615.966.5095 (ext. 5095)

placeholder for Jennifer Overstreet

Jennifer Overstreet

Assoc Dir of Campus Construct

Contact via email
615.966.6178 (ext. 6178)

Amy Owen

Amy Owen

Administrative Assistant

Contact via email
615.966.7185 (ext. 7185)

placeholder for Lauren Owen

Lauren Owen

Contact via email
615.966.6650 (ext. 6650)

placeholder for Elizabeth Owensby

Elizabeth Owensby

Switchboard Operator

Contact via email
615.966.6017 (ext. 6017)

placeholder for Lezlie Owsley

Lezlie Owsley

Contact via email
615.966.5300 (ext. 5300)