Our Staff - Fall 2015

Our consultants are a hard-working and compassionate group of your peers. You can trust us to review your written works with attention to detail, an objective outlook, and patience.  

Megan - Writing Consultant, Student Administrator

 My name is Megan, and I am a senior English major at Lipscomb University. I am one of those “lucky people” who love their job, and I look forward to helping anyone who needs a little guidance when they're faced with a term paper. When I’m not in class, reading comics (or secretly aiding agencies in their efforts to recruit superheroes), taking casual strolls from the Shire to Mordor, or keeping an eye out for the Starship Enterprise.

Mary Ashley - Writing Consultant, Student Administrator in Training

 I'm Mary Ashley, and I am a junior English and Psychology double major with a Spanish minor.  My dreams include exploring the world and working for the FBI.  I am from the incomparable city of San Diego, California, where I learned to love Jesus, coffee, asking hard questions, and going on adventures.  When I am not wrapped up in a book, you can probably find me perusing Nashville’s music scene, watching black-and-white movies, hiking the local trails, people-watching at Café Coco, or taking random road trips with my friends.  I am so excited to meet you in the Writing Studio this semester and to talk about ways you can reach your full potential as a writer!

Michael - Writing Consultant, Student Administrator in Training

 I'm Michael, and I’m a sophomore English major with an incredibly tentative, I’m-not-really-sure-yet French double major. We’ll see. My claim to fame is hailing from a tiny town in Tennessee that unironically, unabashedly calls itself Possumtown – I’ll try not to talk about cows or rural areas too much. If I’m not reading, writing, or taking pictures of anything, I’m likely immersing myself in some geeky subculture (I can’t lie to you, it’s PROBABLY Doctor Who-related) or ignoring my very serious allergies as part of my quest to pet every cat. I also like to think I’m pretty good at helping people get their writing into tip-top shape, which is probably an excellent skill for my job here. Come see me! I’d love to help you make your writing the best it can be.  

Amber - Writing Consultant, Workshop Coordinator

 I'm Amber, and I'm a Junior English Teaching major with a minor in Advanced Condescension and Retort. This is my first semester in the Writing Studio, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be your favorite consultant anyway.  I'm from a small tobacco-farming town north of the city, and you'll hear me dropping "y'all" unashamedly. My interests include carbs, laughter, and small animals--I can also be found nursing coffee mugs, cuddling, swing dancing, singing harmony, and hiking (read: moseying through wooded paths). If elected as your consultant, I promise I'll make your required Writing Studio visit as painless as possible. Namaste!

Alycia - Writing Consultant

 My name is Alycia, and I’m a sophomore English major with a French minor that keeps on growing. I’m from the suburbs of Memphis, TN, and I still haven’t figured out the fuss over cowboy boots. When my face isn’t shoved into a book/notebook/computer screen, I enjoy sweet tea, getting far too enthusiastic about fictional characters, and Netflix marathons at one in the morning. 

Anastina - Writing Consultant

Future acquaintances, friends, and arch nemeses,  I’m a junior English major and lover of all things bookish. Theatre is my second love, though science and geometry will always be close thirds. I’m three parts shy and two parts quirky. When I was nine I convinced myself that fairies were real because I wanted more than anything to live in Neverland. Sometimes I’m still nine.   

Daniel - Writing Consultant

 Daniel is a senior English major. He would like to admit to having Sparknoted To Kill A Mockingbird in 7th grade. He did finally read it (twice) this past summer, however, and loved it more than any tome, brain-bender, or wordy koan worth your precious time. That said, he’d Sparknote it again, silly kid – he’s glad he put it off. When not at work or poring over pet projects, Daniel can be found in front of his television, shouting and playing along with Steve Harvey’s Family Feud

Emily H. - Writing Consultant

 Emily is a junior Molecular Biology major with minors in Spanish and Chemistry. If she's not found working toward world domination in McFarland, tutoring in the Writing Studio, or marathoning anything produced by BBC, something has gone horribly wrong.

Emily S. - Writing Consultant

 Hello, friends! My name is Emily, and I am so excited to work in the Writing Studio this semester. I’m an English major with a passion for theatre (especially if it involves Shakespeare), an interest in dead languages, and a sincere love for all things nerdy. I consider books to be my friends, and I become deeply emotionally attached to fictional characters on a regular basis. Don’t even get me started onFrankensteinWhatever the topic may be though, commas or the Creature or Queen Elsa, you can count on the fact that I’m glad to converse with you!

Emma - Writing Consultant

 I'm a Psychology major with a minor in Spanish and English. When I'm not writing scientific research papers a psychology class, I love reading and writing poetry. Edgar Allen Poe and Pablo Neruda are my inspiration. I love traveling and actually just finished a month in Sevilla, Spain. Even though I'm a senior here at Lipscomb, this will be my first year working at the Writing Studio. I'm so excited to get started!

Hannah - Writing Consultant

Hey! My name is Hannah and I am a Junior English Major with emphasis on creative writing. I love reading, writing, sports and Netflix. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy hanging out with friends and shopping. My plan after I graduate is to be an editor and a novelist. I am looking forward to improving my skills at the Writing Studio and meeting new people. See you soon!

Hannah Grace - Writing Consultant
 My name is Hannah Grace, and I am a Sophomore English major from Columbia, TN.  I am a writer, Netflix obsessor, and Disney fanatic with a bad case of wanderlust.  My love for reading and writing stories is the reason I chose to become an English major, and I hope to share my love of writing with all of you as you visit me in the Writing Studio! 

Jill - Writing Consultant

My name is Jill. I am a Senior, majoring in English and History. Simply translated, that means I write papers and read books all the time. I commute from my family's horse farm in the-middle-of-nowhere Williamson County, fighting parking battles everyday because I love living out there. When I'm not trying to catch up on assigned reading or writing oodles of papers, I like to read books of my choosing, travel with the Doctor across time and space, and cooking lots of yummy things for my family and friends. 

Joel - Writing Consultant

Hello! My name is Joel, and I am a junior. I’m a history major and a German minor. If the picture doesn’t give it away, I particularly enjoy the history of the Cold War and communism in general. However I’m also partial to medieval European history. To satiate my desire for history, I studied in Vienna in the fall of 2013 and can’t wait to go back. When I’m not plotting a return to Vienna, I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, playing board games, and engaging in other similar nerdy activities. I’m very excited to work at the Writing Studio this coming semester and hope that I can be of as much assistance as possible. 

Jordan H. - Writing Consultant

 Jordan, here. I am a junior Law, Justice, and Society major as well as an English major. I am a native of the lovely city of Hendersonville, just a few miles north of the campus. Being outdoors is one of my favorite pastimes along with reading and watching reruns of Law and Order (not really). Family and writing are both such integral parts of my life, so what better way to spend my time than helping my Lipscomb family write!

Krista - Writing Consultant

 Krista is a sophomore English and Spanish major with a Worship Ministry minor. She is from the hoppin' town of Atlanta, Georgia where she loves finding coffee shops and meeting new people. In her spare time she loves coffee, Jesus, listening to Bon Iver, and reading classic literature (not in that order). Her favorite novel is Jane Eyre, and she has over 16,000 songs on her iPod. She is oh so very excited to meet you and to get to talk with you about your writing, and hopes to help you in any way she can!

Lauren - Writing Consultant

 I’m a junior English and Philosophy double major originally from Oxford, England. Though I have also lived in Manhattan and Orlando, I now consider Nashville my home. When I’m not writing for zines, haphazardly teaching myself guitar chords or attending shows, you can usually find me studying in coffee shops or reading at the park.

Loren - Writing Consultant

My name is Loren Davis and I am a junior English teaching major from Dickson, Tennessee. I love reading (especially Jane Austen novels), writing, and sharing my passion for both! This is why I am planning to teach English. I also love cats, hot tea, and any movie based off of a novel. Yep, I am the typical English major!  I can't wait to help you with your wonderful papers, making them into beautiful pieces of writing that you will be proud of and hopefully make terrific grades on!!

Macon - Writing Consultant

 Hello, future friend! My name is Macon, and I am a sophomore English major and Biology minor currently pursuing a future in veterinary medicine. I enjoy contemplating the universe and exploring the deep crevasses of the creative mind, so bring your papers to me and we will ponder like Candide, explore like Robert Walton, and ultimately let loose the potential you have as a writer.

Mary Kate - Writing Consultant

 My name is Mary Kate (but no, not like Mary-Kate and Ashley) and I am a junior English Writing major with a French minor. When I'm not drinking excess amounts of tea or rocking out on the piano, you can probably find me at the top of one of the magnolia trees in front of Burton or sitting on the floor of Rhino Books thumbing through John Steinbeck novels. I also love traveling and anything England-related. Hopefully this picture of me pretending to be Lizzie McGuire at the Trevi Fountain will convince you to come see me at the writing studio for all your paper-writing needs!

McCarley - Writing Consultant

My name is McCarley Thomas, and I am a junior English Teaching major with a Spanish minor. I have always had a great love for reading and writing, and one of my goals in life is to impart my love to others. I have recently added a minor in Spanish with the hopes of continuing to pursue mission work in Central and South America! I am also on the Softball team here at Lipscomb which is where I spend most of my time outside of the classroom. I am on the leadership committee for our FCA group here at Lipscomb, and God plays a huge part in who I am and everything I do. I feel obligated to tell you I am a Lipscomb lifer. Yes, I have been at Lipscomb since I was six years old. Here’s to a wonderful year of great writing!

Rachel - Writing Consultant

I'm a sophomore from Franklin, TN with a double major in English and Chemistry and a minor in Math. All my free time is spent hanging out with my suitemates, my nose buried in a book, or binge-watching shows on Netflix. I have a strong love for all things nerdy (Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel, etc.), as well as English literature (Shakespeare and Jane Austen are my favorites). I love to learn and discover new ideas, especially in the science world. I hope through the writing studio, I can learn from other people and help them learn in turn.

Renae - Writing Consultant

 I am a junior psychology major from Wisconsin. Aside from reading and writing, I love singing in the Lipscomb choir, hiking and biking, having late night conversations with good friends, and eating peanut butter. I hope to see you in the Writing Studio! 

Savannah - Writing Consultant

I'm a senior English Education major from Nashville, TN. If I could major in driving a mini van full of kiddos and baking brownies during my breaks from the soccer mom life, I would, but I chose education instead. I do adore writing though, and writing a book someday is pretty high on the bucket list--doesn't have to be popular, just has to be about my obnoxious, embarrassing life so I can get a few laughs. I am a Bread & Company fruit tea enthusiast. I love Jesus, the South, Anthropologie candles, and Audrey Hepburn movies, but mostly I love helping people, so come in and see me so we can work together to make your writing better! 

Katie - The Writing Studio Assistant Director, Professional Writing Consultant

 Katie Sealy is a Master's student in the College of Graduate Education. As an undergrad, her major was English with an emphasis in literature, but she took as many writing classes as she could. Her minor was in history. She loves writing anything from essays to poems, and she enjoys working with others on all things writing-related. Two years ago, she stopped counting how many cups of coffee she has per day and refuses to think that she may have a "problem." 

 "Dr. S" – The Writing Studio Director

Dr. Stacia Watkins
Assistant Professor of English
Office: Beaman 231
Office Phone: 615.966.5150

Dr. Watkins came to Lipscomb from Middle Tennessee State University where she received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition and Popular Culture, taught writing courses, and served as an administrator in the University Writing Center. She currently directs the Writing Studio, teaches composition, Southern Lit, and Young Adult Literature, and advises majors in the English Education track. Dr. Watkins also co-authored the textbook The Pop Culture Zone: Writing Critically about Popular Culture and published several shorter texts, including an article about the Writing Studio at Lipscomb University in the journal Southern Discourse.

When not at work, Dr. Watkins enjoys watching Top Chef, Mad MenBreaking BadHomeland and Boardwalk Empire. Beyond her unnatural-but-incredibly-scholarly love for television, Dr. Watkins enjoys her hobbies of party planning, cooking, finding new ethnic restaurants and gifting (i.e. shopping, but for others). She also relishes any time she can take to travel; Paris and Florence are her favorite destinations, but Churchill Downs—home of the Kentucky Derby—may come in a distant third. Non-fiction, in both film and printed text, also seem to dwarf the expected interest she has in fiction though Goodfellas and The Great Gatsby are still two of the great loves of her life.

Dr. Watkins’s more significant great loves are her husband Cody and her puppy Allie. Cody works at Vanderbilt University, delivers and sometimes designs at Granny’s Flower Shop, and plays Theremin with the Dynamite Operators. Allie is a spoiled six-year-old basenji mix who, at the weight of 60+ lbs, has exceeded expectations in every way. 

Growing up in Kentucky makes Dr. Watkins long for lazy afternoons on front porches, country ham and biscuits, and the sound of hooves galloping in the distance, but Nashville has become her home away from home, and she is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Lipscomb family.