Our Staff

Our consultants are a hard-working and compassionate group of your peers. You can trust us to review your written works with attention to detail, an objective outlook, and patience.  

Katie - Writing Studio Student Administrator, Writing Consultant

 Katie Sealy is a senior English major with an emphasis in literature, but she takes as many writing classes as she can. Her minor is in history, and her interests meet in her love of folklore. She loves writing anything from essays to poems, and she enjoys working with others on all things writing-related. Two years ago, she stopped counting how many cups of coffee she has per day and refuses to think that she may have a "problem."  

Leeanna - Writing Studio Student Administrator, Writing Consultant

My name is Leeanna Case and I am a Junior English major/Education minor.  This is my 3rd semester working in the Writing Studio, and I am a Student Administrator! I also work part-time at Worthy Publishing as a Marketing Intern. I am from Columbia, TN and I enjoy watching TV shows, movies, eating, and above all, taking naps. I love working in the Lipscomb Community and I hope to help you any way that I can!

Allie - Writing Consultant, Student Administrator in Training 

Allie Staff PhotoAllie Sockwell is a junior English major, Public Relations minor. She comes from Lawrenceburg, TN, a sweet little town filled with even sweeter people. She enjoys playing the piano and painting. John Mayer songs are her weakness, swinging outside is her stress reliever, and springtime is her favorite. Allie is very passionate about writing and hopes to become a professor someday. She asks that you please come to the Writing Studio so she can pass her love of writing on to you!

Ellen - Writing Consultant, Student Administrator in Training

Ellen Staff Photo I'm a junior English major and Philosophy minor who loves literature and writing (hence my major). When I'm not reading, studying, or working in the Writing Studio, I can probably be found exploring the coffee shops, bookstores, or hiking trails around Nashville.

Brendan - Writing Consultant

Brendan staff photo My name is Brendan, and I’m a senior English major with minors in French and psychology. When I’m not studying, reading or drinking copious amounts of tea, I enjoy traveling time and space in a police box, boldly going where no one has gone before, ruling as Lord of Winterfell, battling Death Eaters, and refusing to let Balrogs pass.

Caroline - Writing Consultant

 Caroline is honored to work her third and final semester in the Writing Studio before continuing on to graduate studies at MTSU. She has an A.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in English Literature. She fell two measly hours shy of an Education minor. As an English Literature major, she has always enjoyed reading (mainly Modern British Literature) and writing (usually poetry and short stories). When not reading, writing, and working as a consultant in the Writing Studio, she can be found perfecting her latte art at Bongo Java, drawing or painting, and spending time with her musician, Canadian husband (Toby), adorable coonhound (Molly), and amusing manx (Mr. Nubs).

Cece - Writing Consultant 

 My name is Cecelia, but I go by Cece - like Sweet CeCe's, but without the second capitalization, which is important to me as is all capitalization to those who work in the Writing Studio. If you don't find me reading or studying, I am probably cheering or dancing. Fear not, I am a non-stereotypical cheerleader; I once rhymed dedication with trepidation in a high school cheer. Most importantly, I would love to help you out in any way I can, cheering you on to better writing with enthusiasm and expertise. Lastly, my majors are History, English, and French, so tell me bonjour and I will smile, but bring me a baguette and I'll love you forever.

Chris - Writing Consultant

 Chris is a sophomore English major and Psychology minor. Other than English-y things, Chris enjoys taking photographs, singing and playing music, traveling and hiking across beautiful expanses of nature, and getting lost in intricate and well-created stories - books as well as good TV shows and video games. More importantly, however, Chris loves helping others out, has been involved in mission work all his life, and enjoys helping others achieve their best at whatever they do - writing papers well, included.

Clay - Writing Consultant

 Clay Janeway is a senior English major on the writing track. He works weekends at the Frothy Monkey, and he spends Tuesday evenings in the Writing Center. He likes reading. A lot. Even your papers. 

Dominique - Writing Consultant

 My name is Dominique Postma (my name comes from a kind of creepy song from a movie about nuns...go look it up). I am a senior English Lit major with a minor in Psychology. My great nonhuman loves are binge-watching TV shows, dessert (baking and rapidly consuming), Zumba, travel, and books. In my spare time, you may find me re-reading Jane Eyre for the zillionth time, or cross-stitching while watching Downton Abbey (because I may or may not be a 75-year-old woman).

Emily - Writing Consultant

 Emily Henry is a sophomore Biology major and Spanish minor who will never pass up an opportunity to show off this picture of herself drinking real life butterbeer in real life (fake) Hogsmeade Village. Luckily,  she doesn’t have any pictures of herself in the Shire, outside 221B Baker Street, on the Enterprise, or  near a police box that’s brand new and ancient and the bluest blue, ever, to run around showing to  strangers – which leaves her all sorts of time to help you in the Writing Studio! All geekery aside, this  science major would love to help you discover that you’re already a better writer than you think you are.

Gigi - Writing Consultant

 Gigi is a junior English teaching major. She enjoys reading, listening to music, watching Downton Abbey, and spending time with her parents, little brother Jake, boyfriend Tony, and two dogs Jack and Elvis. Her favorite things are Jesus, bfabfitness (look it up!), penguins, books, sweaters, crocheting, scarves, drinking tea, and the color gray. She enjoys long walks on the beach, singing all of the time, traveling to wherever The Lord leads, and pinning hundreds of pins on Pinterest. She has not yet been able to do all of these things simultaneously, but not for lack of trying.

Hope - Writing Consultant

 My name is Hope Sanders, and I’m an English Teaching Major here at Lipscomb. Reading, writing, and people are my passions, but I also enjoy running ultramarathons, making various concoctions with my power juicer, and eating at Las Palmas. Most importantly, I hope to make all your wildest writing dreams come true at the Writing Studio. 

Jackson - Writing Consultant

 Jackson is a senior English major with a diversified minor. He has a great love of talking about writing and sharing good stories. He spends his last days at Lipscomb tending his mane and talking a bit too loudly in the Student Center.

Jay - Writing Consultant

 Hi! My name is Jay Myrick. I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major (the irony of which has not been lost on me) and this is my first semester working in the writing studio. I love surfing Yahoo! News, watching the Tennessee Titans assert their dominance over the rest of the NFL, and taking over the world in the game of Risk. I am the president of my social club (Sigma Omega Sigma) and I live in The Village. I would be happy to equip you with the skills to become a great writer, so come see me!

Jen - Writing Consultant

 My name is Jen Greene, and I am a junior English and French Education major, so I obviously love language and helping others.  My interests include reading, spending time outdoors, traveling, and believe it or not, studying.  I have served God while teaching English in both the Philippines and Haiti and am eager to spend time with you in the Lipscomb University Writing Studio!

Jill - Writing Consultant

My name is Jill Jerkins. I am a Junior, majoring in English and History. Simply translated, that means I write papers and read books all the time. I commute from my family's horse farm in the-middle-of-nowhere Williamson County, fighting parking battles everyday because I love living out there. When I'm not trying to catch up on assigned reading or writing oodles of papers, I like to read books of my choosing, travel with the Doctor across time and space, and cooking lots of yummy things for my family and friends. 

Kimmie - Writing Consultant

 My name is Kimmie. I believe that nearly any day is a good day when I’m spending time with family and friends, soaking up sunshine, sipping hot coffee, or “road-tripping” to the beach. I’m thankful to be saved by grace. I’m a senior English Education major, and I would love to help you in the LU Writing Studio.

Megan - Writing Consultant

 My name is Megan Peters, and I am a sophomore English major who is shrewdly trying to decide whether or not to minor or double major in Spanish. After being hooked on Phonics and reading Junie B. Jones as a small child, my love for reading -- and subsequently writing -- has only grown. When I’m not to be found in class with my nose in a book, you can surely find me searching for a mad man with a blue box, planning my trip to Hobbiton or Hyrule, sneaking onto the Millennium Falcon, catching up with the world’s only consulting detective, or enjoying the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

Melissa - Writing Consultant

 Hi, there! My name is Melissa Davis, and I'm a senior English major with a distributive science minor. I love singing alto, swing dancing, Harry Potter, hiking, vinyl, and Atomic Fireballs. Unfortunately (and contrary to the English major way of life), I just don't enjoy a good cup of coffee. But bring me a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks, and I'm good to go (just like you will be after a session with me in the Writing Studio). 

Moriah - Writing Consultant

Moriah staff photo My name is Moriah Claud (often confused for Mariah Carey which makes sense because we look so much alike and stuff). I'm a senior English major and entrepreneurship minor. When I'm not diligently working in the Writing Studio, I'm probably either trying desperately to keep up with reading assignments or working at the Frothy Monkey. If I had an infinite amount of  time and money, I would spend every day hiking and playing in waterfalls. 

Renae - Writing Consultant

 I’m a sophomore psychology major with a minor in music. Aside from reading and writing, I love singing, playing piano, dancing, and spending time with my friends and family. I am very excited to start working in the Writing Studio this semester! 

Ryan - Writing Consultant

 Ryan is a senior Biochemistry major with a minor in Applied Mathematics. He is originally from Manchester, Tennessee, which is home to the popular music festival, Bonnaroo. Ryan can mostly be found mixing volatile chemicals together in lab (for science, of course) or deriving sweet differential equations to start up conversations with strangers. After all, doesn't everybody love to sit down and perform separation of variables on a good first-order differential equation? Oh… just him? Well, aside from that, Ryan is fairly normal. In his spare time he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, accidentally setting off fire alarms with tennis balls due to his perilous backhand, and helping out in the Writing Studio!

Sam - Writing Consultant

 I've always loved reading and writing, and since I arrived at college, I've been helping friends with essays, papers, etc., which eventually lead me to work in the Writing Studio. I'm a junior English major and aside from learning how to write, I'm fascinated by foreign languages, history, and the natural sciences. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your writing. 

Will - Writing Consultant

 My name is Will Chessor and I am a Senior English Major, German Minor. This is my first semester working in the Writing Studio. I enjoy reading and writing poetry in my spare time. I like to travel, and I have studied abroad twice with Lipscomb (Vienna/Bath programs). I have been Netflix-addicted to TV shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Coffee is nectar from the gods, and I consume it on most days of the week.

Zach - Writing Consultant

 Zach Warrick is a senior history and philosophy major. He loves history, caffeine, writing, and old books in equal amounts (well, maybe caffeine takes precedence). He is rarely seen without a cup of coffee in his hands.

Neely - Writing Studio Consultant Substitute

Neely Baugh is a junior working on a double-major in English and Spanish. Her passions include drinking tea, blogging, being a nerd, and of course, writing. Her future plans are to hostel-hop South America and achieve world peace, but in the meantime she enjoys working in Lipscomb's Law, Justice, and Society department and subbing in the Writing Studio. 

Patricia – Writing Studio Student Administrator Emeritus, Writing Consultant Substitute

Patricia staff photoPatricia Denney is a senior English teaching major with a minor in math. She is a Student Administrator emeritus in the Writing Studio. Patricia started writing in second grade because she liked to name characters. Between this and her love of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it was hard not to be an English major. Patricia likes yellow ducks, Phi Sigma, and being warm. She would like to teach middle or high school English one day, but for now, she is just happy to help you in the Writing Studio!

 "Dr. S" – The Writing Studio Director

Dr. Stacia Watkins
Assistant Professor of English
Office: Beaman 231
Office Phone: 615.966.5150

Dr. Watkins came to Lipscomb from Middle Tennessee State University where she received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition and Popular Culture, taught writing courses, and served as an administrator in the University Writing Center. She currently directs the Writing Studio, teaches composition, Southern Lit, and Young Adult Literature, and advises majors in the English Education track. Dr. Watkins also co-authored the textbook The Pop Culture Zone: Writing Critically about Popular Culture and published several shorter texts, including an article about the Writing Studio at Lipscomb University in the journal Southern Discourse.

When not at work, Dr. Watkins enjoys watching Top Chef, Mad Men, Breaking BadHomeland and Boardwalk Empire. Beyond her unnatural-but-incredibly-scholarly love for television, Dr. Watkins enjoys her hobbies of party planning, cooking, finding new ethnic restaurants and gifting (i.e. shopping, but for others). She also relishes any time she can take to travel; Paris and Florence are her favorite destinations, but Churchill Downs—home of the Kentucky Derby—may come in a distant third. Non-fiction, in both film and printed text, also seem to dwarf the expected interest she has in fiction though Goodfellas and The Great Gatsby are still two of the great loves of her life.

Dr. Watkins’s more significant great loves are her husband Cody and her puppy Allie. Cody works at Vanderbilt University, delivers and sometimes designs at Granny’s Flower Shop, and plays Theremin with the Dynamite Operators. Allie is a spoiled six-year-old basenji mix who, at the weight of 60+ lbs, has exceeded expectations in every way. 

Growing up in Kentucky makes Dr. Watkins long for lazy afternoons on front porches, country ham and biscuits, and the sound of hooves galloping in the distance, but Nashville has become her home away from home, and she is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Lipscomb family.