Graduate Certificate in Serving the Aging Consumer**

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Students may earn a professional graduate certificate in Serving the Aging Consumer by completing 12 required credits.

Courses in Aging—12 hours Hours
6023 Reaching the Aging Consumer 3
6033 Understanding the Aging Consumer 3
6043 The Aging Market 3
6993 TransformAging® Capstone Project 3

Program Overview

Aging services and products compose a growing field as the American population ages. This program is an option for individuals and companies specializing in the production, development, marketing and sales of products and services to older adults in the United States. In 2011, 13.3 percent of the American population was over the age of 65, compared to 12 percent just eight years earlier (U.S. Census Bureau). Another way to look at it: in 2000, the number of Americans age 85 and older was 34 times higher than at the turn of the 20th century (U.S. Census Bureau). The older adult population is expected to reach 72 million by 2030 (U.S. Census Bureau). With this aging population comes the many needs and limitations faced by older adults.