Course Descriptions

Integrated Studies (INST)

2013 Prior Learning Self-Assessment (3) F, SP
This online course is designed for students planning to prepare one or more portfolios in an effort to seek college credit hours for prior learning gained through work experience. Through one-on-one meetings and regular communication with the professor, students will work to organize an initial portfolio related to a particular course for which credit is being sought. This will serve as preparation for any subsequent portfolio submissions.

2113 Discovering Your Calling (3) F, SP
This class begins with a retreat and will allow students to utilize spiritual discernment, psychological testing and a gift inventory to determine their vocation (which comes from the Latin root “to call”). Students will determine where their talents and skills may be calling them and then create an individualized academic development plan to guide their studies at Lipscomb. Prerequisite or Corequisite: UN 1201.

3003 Changing Lives Through Your Vocation (3) SP
Students complete either a Service-Learning internship or project where they apply vocational skills to benefit the community at large. Working independently with a faculty coach, the student will design the right project for his/her chosen vocational calling and Integrated Studies areas. Prerequisites: UN 1201, INST 2113 and BI 2893.

3013 Aging Across the Disciplines (3) F
This course is designed to provide an introduction to the social, psychological, and physical dimensions of aging.  We will examine the aging process experienced by the individual and how the aging of the population affects our society as a whole.

4003 Senior Project: Restorative Responses (3) SU
This project requires the student to integrate and apply the knowledge learned in the classroom on a real-life project. The project must require the student to demonstrate competency in the two chosen concentration areas. Prerequisistes: UN 1201, INST 2113, BI 2893, INST 3113.

4103 Research Methods (3) F
This online course is intended to provide an introduction to research design and methodology for undergraduate students. Specific topics include survey design, interview protocol, article critique, program evaluation, and ethics.