Course Descriptions

AGE 6003 Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach (3)
This course is intended to blend theory with practice by exposing students to cutting-edge, real-world issues in the aging services arena, while reinforcing the importance of integrating multiple academic disciplines in the study of aging. This course will explore the effects of aging on the mind, body and spirit and reinforce the need to address all three for healthy aging. 

AGE 6013 Ethical Issues in Aging (3)
This course focuses on the moral and ethical issues service professionals face when dealing with the aging. Through the use of case studies, various ethical decision-making approaches will be taught. Current ethical issues will be explored including biomedical ethics.

AGE 6023 Reaching the Aging Consumer (3)
This course examines the economy’s greatest hope: the aging population. With more financial resources and an increasing awareness of their power as consumers, the 55-plus aging group controls more than three-fourths of this country’s wealth, and the 65-plus group has twice as much per capita income as the average baby boomer. Older adults use their financial resources to remain physically and mentally active: vacationing, trying new hobbies, exercising, continuing their education and purchasing items such as computers. Students will learn to apply marketing concepts, principles and practices to more effectively reach the aging consumer. 

AGE 6033 Understanding the Aging Consumer (3)
The course will provide students with an understanding of the demographics of the older adult population and how those characteristics affect consumer needs and behavior. This will be an interdisciplinary study, examining older adults in America from a psychological, sociological and economic lens. 

AGE 6043 The Aging Market (3)
This course will explore existing products and services marketed to older adults, as well as cutting edge developments and discoveries. Through the use of focus groups, surveys and market studies, students will evaluate the current and future market, discerning gaps and creating solutions to consumer needs.

AGE 6053 Community and Congregational Resources (3)
This course explores the church’s role as a service provider with and for older adults in relationship with community organizations and agencies. Local and national resource networks of community and faith-based programs, services and benefits supporting older adults will be identified along with ways in which the church can partner with community service organizations for the sake of holistic older adult ministry.

AGE 6103 The Care Continuum and Delivery System Trends (3)
The course will provide a historical, philosophical and managerial overview of seniors’ housing and care, along the entire care continuum. Special attention will be paid to nursing homes and senior housing options and their past, present and future role within the overall health care system in the United States. An examination of future service models which reflect the impact of demographics and the changing nature of family relationships on senior services delivery will be explored. Significant attention will be devoted to the determinants of quality care and the critical role of quality management.

AGE 6203 Innovations in Aging (3)
The course introduces design thinking as a powerful approach to foster innovation, whether at the level of products and services, policy initiatives or the creation of a new organization. To develop skills as design thinkers, students immerse in an intensive design exercise working in teams on an actual design problem.

AGE 6303 Leadership in Aging Services (3)
A leader’s job is to produce results. This course examines leadership theory and practice in the context of aging services organizations. Students will be encouraged to consider their own personal leadership patterns and to develop their ability to match appropriate leadership behaviors to specific situations and organizational priorities.

AGE 6403 Legal Issues in Aging (3)
This course introduces students to the legal issues they are likely to face in managing an aging services organization. Students will be able to identify legal issues and to understand the legal ramifications of their decisions. Topics include regulatory issues, patients’ rights, antitrust, institutional liability and employee relations. Students will also explore the regulatory process and examine proposed legislation and public policy.

AGE 6513 Aging Policy and Finance (3)
This course explores the “Silver Tsunami” and its impact on national, state and local policies that interact with organizations providing services to older adults and influencing the economic well-being of those older adults. The current and projected financial status of key entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be analyzed. Students will gain a better understanding of personal health care, long-term care financial management as well as that of the elder care industry.

AGE 6603 Elder Mediation and Intergenerational Communication (3)
As people age, individuals and families are faced with many difficult decisions and often conflict. Mediation can play a critical role in bringing older adults together with their family members, caregivers, health care and social service providers to have important conversations. This course prepares participants to practice transformative mediation in a way that responds to the needs of those present and respects each person’s decision-making capacity as they face critical times of transition. Focus will be placed on intergenerational communication theory and techniques. The interactive format will include lecture, discussion and role plays.

AGE 6613 Spiritual Formation in the Aging and Aged (3)
The course provides an in-depth look at the relationship between aging and spirituality, centered around Christian spiritual formation. An extensive study of spiritual disciplines will occur as students learn how the aging and aged are conformed to the image of Christ. This course explores the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological dynamics of aging and how churches and service providers play an integral role in fostering successful aging in the U.S.

AGE 6993 TransformAging® Project: Capstone (3)
This course will provide students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge and experience by completing a research project in an applied setting. Students will work with a local organization serving older adults to conduct an interdisciplinary study to enhance the services of that organization.