Graduate Certificate in Aging Services Leadership

Courses in Aging (AGE) Hours
6103 The Care Continuum and Delivery System Trends 3
6303 Leadership in Aging Services 3
6403 Legal Issues in Aging 3
6603 Elder Mediation & Intergenerational Communication 3

Program Overview

Lipscomb University has made a commitment to help find lasting and meaningful solutions to long-term and post-acute care challenges in the United States. The School of TransformAging’s Aging Services Leadership program aspires to offer the Nation’s most innovative graduate degree in aging services and to educate a new workforce who will passionately pursue careers with the aging and demonstrate a holistic skill set. 

A Master of Professional Studies in Aging Services Leadership is also available to interested students upon the completion of the certificate and requires only six additional courses.

Course Descriptions

AGE 6103 The Care Continuum and Delivery System Trends (3)

The course will provide a historical, philosophical and managerial overview of seniors’ housing and care, along the entire care continuum. Special attention will be paid to nursing homes and senior housing options and their past, present and future role within the overall health care system in the United States. An examination of future service models which reflect the impact of demographics and the changing nature of family relationships on senior services delivery will be explored. Significant attention will be devoted to the determinants of quality care and the critical role of quality management. 

AGE 6303 Leadership in Aging Services (3)

A leader’s job is to produce results. This course examines leadership theory and practice in the context of aging services organizations. Students will be encouraged to consider their own personal leadership patterns and to develop their ability to match appropriate leadership behaviors to specific situations and organizational priorities. 

AGE 6403 Legal Issues in Aging (3)

This course introduces students to the legal issues they are likely to face in managing an aging services organization. Students will be able to identify legal issues and to understand the legal ramifications of their decisions. Topics include regulatory issues, patients’ rights, antitrust, institutional liability and employee relations. Students will also explore the regulatory process and examine proposed legislation and public policy. 

AGE 6603 Elder Mediation & Intergenerational Communication (3) 

As people age, individuals and families are faced with many difficult decisions and often conflict. Mediation can play a critical role in bringing older adults together with their family members, caregivers, health care and social service providers to have important conversations. This course prepares participants to practice transformative mediation in a way that responds to the needs of those present and respects each person’s decision-making capacity as they face critical times of transition. Focus will be placed on intergenerational communication theory and techniques. The interactive format will include lecture, discussion and role plays.