Course Descriptions

Theatre (TH) 

1513 Beginning Acting (3) F
Basic training in acting choices, stage technique and creating a character. Involves scene work and character analysis, includes laboratory. Laboratory graded and
credited with course.

1533 Text Analysis (3) SP
Students learn basic concepts of dramatic theory and apply them in a critical examination of plays, using five different methods to achieve a detailed understanding of a script in preparation for a production.

2113 Beginning Directing (3) F
Basic principles governing play structures, choice and casting are discussed. Requires student directed scenes with lab. Laboratory graded and credited with course.

2123 Voice and Diction for the Stage (3) SP
Voice and diction fundamentals, used to develop vocal resonance, projection and articulation, as well as the natural connection of voice to action playing. Prerequisites: Theatre 1513.

2131 Theatrical Choreography: Various styles (1) F, SP
A practical class for developing the performer’s technique in various forms of dance for the musical theatre.

2143 Movement for the Stage (3) SP
Theory and application of movement, combat techniques, Viewpoints and Laban technique, the elements of a physical regimen in order to develop physical coordination, flexibility, strength, spontaneity and awareness of the body in presentational space. Prerequisite: Theatre 1513.

2153 Intermediate Acting (3) F
An application of the Meisner approach to acting, toward producing a scene/character study based on a modern American play. Prerequisite: Theatre 1513.

2163 Drafting for the Theatre (3) SP Offered even-numbered years
Introduces technical drafting from basics through advanced practices in theatre including ground plans, sections, elevations, scaling, etc. Prerequisite: Theatre 2453.

2213 Rendering Media (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
Introduces design students to multiple software packages that create, edit, manipulate, animate and present visual
design work.

2223 Playwriting (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
This course is designed to encourage and nurture Christian playwrights. It introduces students to playwriting terms and strategies while applying the process of defining and analyzing the dramatic elements in a play script. By the end of the course, students will write a one-act play.

2233 Theatre for Young Audiences (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
Students will learn about ways of organizing a theatre program and its productions. It will also address issues of concern such as age-appropriateness, building of theatre seasons, acquiring grant money, and gender-blind and color-blind casting, as well as many others.

2243 Theatre in New York (3) W
This trip exposes theatre majors and minors to New York Theatre. They view Broadway and off-Broadway productions and reflect upon on their experiences.

2253 Stage Combat (3) F Offered even-numbered years
This course teaches students how to use safe and effective stage fighting techniques.

2453 Introduction to Technical Theatre (3) F, SP
Analyzes technical elements of production, building a foundation of technical terminology and understanding.

3013 Makeup for the Stage (3) SP
Practical application of all processes and types of stage makeup. Theatre majors only.

3033 Theatre Management (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
Familiarizes students with the fundamentals of running a professional or educational theatrical program (administration and budgeting, grant writing, season selection, box office, house management and marketing) as well as the practical and theoretical aspects of stage management for theatrical productions.

3043 Improvisational Acting (3) F
Improvisational techniques explore the inner sources of spontaneous creation by exercising commitment and creative freedom in each moment of performance. Students study improvisational theory and enact performances designed to build spontaneous awareness. Prerequisite: TH 1513.

3053 Costume Design (3) F Offered even-numbered years
Costume designing from a production approach through design theory, figure drawing and a study of fabric. Theatre majors only or consent of instructor. Prerequisite: Theatre 2453.

3063 Lighting Design (3) F Offered odd-numbered years
Teaches students the concepts of lighting design and lighting technology. Students will learn how to implement communication, technology, organization and creativity in the lighting industry. Prerequisite: Theatre 2453.

3073 Scene Design (3) F Offered even-numbered years
This course will allow students to develop drafting, rendering, painting, model-making and communication skills. Students will study historical, as well as contemporary, design techniques. Prerequisite: Theatre 2453.

3083 Musical Theatre History (3) SU Offered odd-numbered years
An online course involving watching musicals and reading about their history, this class will teach students about the evolution of the American musical.

3093 Dramaturgy (3) Offered on demand
This course defines the role of dramaturgy as literary advisor in the process of producing plays. Various methods of research into the historical, cultural, and literary background of a play are discussed and applied.

3113 Intermediate Directing (3) SP Offered even-numbered years
Principals of directing musical theatre, including staging techniques and working with choreographers, music directors, and accompanists are explored. Prerequite: TH 2113.

3123 Choreography (3) SP
Examines strategies and techniques involved in creating dance compositions for multiple dance styles and performance types. Students gain experience with casting, choreographing, and teaching. Consent of instructor required.

3133 Stage Management (3) SP even-numbered years
Students work through the stage management process from pre-production to post-production, learning from area professionals and practicing on productions simultaneously. Prerequisite: TH 2453

3403 Methods of Teaching Theatre (3) Offered on demand
This course equips the theatre education major with an introduction to curriculum development and classroom activities to teach drama classes in high school or junior high settings. Field placement opportunities.

3413 Creative Dramatics (3) SP Offered even-numbered years
An overview of children’s theatre: understanding the literature, acting techniques, design concepts, and the production presentation. Field placement opportunities. This course may satisfy the SALT Tier II requirement.

3433 History of Theatre I (3) F Offered even-numbered years
Theatre history from its Greek origins to 18th century European practice. Prerequisite: Theatre 1533.

3443 History of Theatre II (3) F Offered odd-numbered years
Theatre history from 19th century romanticism to modern theory and practice. Prerequisite: Theatre 1533.

3491 Theatre Workshop: Practicum (1) F, SP
A practical course in technical aspects of theatre production, including sets, lighting, sound, design, management, costumes, and chapel. The course may be repeated each semester for credit up to 8 hours.

4013 Advanced Acting (3) SP Offered even-numbered years
This course focuses on Shakespeare and is designed to help actors develop their approach to Shakespeare’s plays. Emphasis is placed on the mechanics of analyzing, interpreting, and internalizing Shakespeare’s texts with the end goal of bringing them to full emotional and creative life. Students also study Shakespeare’s canon and place as a historical figure. For theatre majors only. Prerequisites: Theatre 1513, 2153.

4023 Advanced Directing (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
Principles of directing various styles and periods focusing on the ability of the director to bring a creative viewpoint to bear on the work. Requires student-directed scenes with lab. Laboratory is graded and credited with course.
For theatre majors only. Prerequisite: Theatre 2113.

4033 Period Styles (3) SP Offered odd-numbered years
This course introduces an approach to performing in a range of historic works through reorganization of basic acting methods. It will familiarize students with classical dramatic literature. It will also teach them how to use textual clues to understand character development, while applying various acting styles in performance. Through their study of period styles and acting, students will also find the correlation between faith and art. Prerequisites: Theatre 1513, 2153.

4043 Musical Theatre Performance Workshop (3) F Offered even-numbered years
This course will allow students to explore all aspects of musical theatre performance. Students will work with musical theatre productions for the 18th-20th centuries. Students will also be taught the singing, acting and technical aspects of musical theatre.

4102 Senior Seminar I (2) F
This course is designed to assist students in making the transition from college to the “real world.” Through the development and understanding of creating resumes, auditioning and creating professional goals, students will be prepared to enter the professional world with confidence. Prerequisites: senior standing and approval of the instructor.

4112 Senior Seminar II (2) SP
This course is designed to assist students in making the transition from college to the “real world.” Through the development and understanding of creating resumes, auditioning and creating professional goals, students will be prepared to enter the professional world with confidence. Prerequisites: senior standing and the approval of the instructor.

4113 Costume Technology (I,II,III) F odd-numbered years
This course examines various craft skills and materials used in costume construction including dyeing, painting, distressing textiles’ creation of patterns, construction of buckram, wire and wool felt bases, fitting, finishing, and trimming. Prerequisite: TH 2453

4123 Theatre Technology (I,II,III) F even-numbered years
A study in advanced areas of interest within theatre technology such as the use of alternative materials, processes not frequently used in production, computerized production tools, operations in productions, lighting and audio systems, show control, and hydraulic / pneumatic scenery systems. Prerequisite: TH 2453

4nnV Special Topics (1-6) F, SP
Various topics in dramatic literature and performance. (Examples: advanced scene design, advanced playwriting, etc.) Requires consent of the instructor.