About Us

A message from the department chair

Because you are reading this, you understand...there is a magical feeling when you use theatre arts to entertain, instruct, move, motivate and challenge an audience of any size or type.

There is also a palpable responsibility.

Something you give to a performance, whether it is the acting, the music, the set, the blocking, the props, the timing, the lighting, the inflection…you name it…influences a life in some small or large way. Nothing goes unnoticed.

At Lipscomb, we believe this power and the talent you have can be an extraordinary way to create a better world, one performance at a time.

We offer you a Christian experience that does not avoid the difficult or unpleasant, but explores the spiritual response. It is a Christian experience that challenges you to take your craft deeply into life. It is a Christian experience that celebrates the joy, sadness, and, yes, the tragedy and comedy that is life.

Join us. We’ll add great drama to your life. Every day.

Mike Fernandez
Chair, Department of Theatre
Associate Professor

Key things to know about the Department of Theatre

  • Department chair named best Nashville theater director two consecutive years
  • Theatre faculty members have all been working professionals who make or have made their living in the performing arts.
  • Programs are among the most comprehensive offered, including coursework to make graduates more multi-faceted, valuable—and competitive—for work after graduation.
  • Placement rate in the first year after graduation, in either graduate school or employment, is more than 90 percent.