About Us

A message from the department chair

Because you are reading this, you understand...there is a magical feeling when you use theatre arts to entertain, instruct, move, motivate and challenge an audience of any size or type.

There is also a palpable responsibility.

Something you give to a performance, whether it is the acting, the music, the set, the blocking, the props, the timing, the lighting, the inflection…you name it…influences a life in some small or large way. Nothing goes unnoticed.

At Lipscomb, we believe this power and the talent you have can be an extraordinary way to create a better world, one performance at a time.

We offer you a Christian experience that does not avoid the difficult or unpleasant, but explores the spiritual response. It is a Christian experience that challenges you to take your craft deeply into life. It is a Christian experience that celebrates the joy, sadness, and, yes, the tragedy and comedy that is life.

Join us. We’ll add great drama to your life. Every day.

Beki Baker
Chair, Department of Theatre
Assistant Professor

Key things to know about the Department of Theatre

  • Theatre faculty members have all been working professionals who make or have made their living in the performing arts.
  • Programs are among the most comprehensive offered, including coursework to make graduates more multi-faceted, valuable—and competitive—for work after graduation.
  • Placement rate in the first year after graduation, in either graduate school or employment, is more than 90 percent.

Distinctives of the Theatre Department


Students are encouraged each summer to participate in internships throughout the city and the country. Our students have served at several prestigious theatres including the Nashville Children’s Theatre, which is among the top five children’s theatres in the country.

London Study Abroad and New York Trip

Theatre students have a unique opportunity to spend a summer in London studying theatre and watching shows in London’s vaunted West End. Students can also spend one week a year going to New York to watch Broadway shows.

Children’s Theatre Company

The touring Children’s Theatre Company is comprised of theatre students who experience the fun of working with children and performing for them in schools, churches, daycares, hospitals, and the like. Some scripts are written or adapted by the students themselves. The troupe travels in and around Nashville and often tours in an international town, such as Newport, Wales; London, England; or Ascension, Paraguay.

Strong Professional Connections

Lipscomb is committed to bringing in visiting artists with strong professional credentials. Previous artists have included Jeff Obafame Carr, founder of Nashville’s Amun Ra Theatre; Justin Boccitto of the Group Theatre Too in New York City; and Equity actors like Nan Gurley. We also have strong working relationships with professional theatres in Nashville such as The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, The Tennessee Repertory Theatre, Actors Bridge Ensemble and Amun Ra Theatre. 

Faculty are working professionals

Our faculty don’t just teach, they do! Vali Forrister, who teaches Meisner acting classes, is the artistic director for Actor’s Bridge Ensemble. Robyn Berg, adjunct in Period Styles, is a teaching artist for the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

Career Opportunities

Actor, House manager, Box office, Personal manager, Producer, Critic, Director, Costume draper, Dresser, Creative dramatics, Multi-media sales, Recreation, Recreational organizations, Consultants, Agent, Key grip, Marketing manager, Choreographer, Costume designer, Scenic designer, Sound engineer, Technical director, Voice coach, Workshops, Industrial shows, Community theatres, Theatre industries, Sales, Artistic director, Best boy, Publicity, Production coordinator, Costume cutter, Dramaturge, Fight choreographer, Communication, Radio broadcasting, Park districts, Artists, Engineers, Gaffer, Lighting designer, Casting director, Costume builder, Props master, Screenplay writer, Stage manager, Theatre manager, Teaching, Commercials, Television, Corporations or Technicians.

In addition to the fields listed above, there are other less obvious applications of the theatre degree. There has been a growing trend by many graduate programs to encourage undergraduates to get a degree in something that is not directly related to their particular area. Law schools, medical schools and the like are beginning to understand how powerfully the following skills, all integral to theatre training, can equip one for “real life:” working within a deadline, collaborative effort, stamina, conceptual skills, analytical thinking, fiscal responsibility, creativity, working successfully with people, communication skills, management skills, organizational ability, making an idea become tangible, creative research, taking direction, problem-solving and the confidence to embrace new ideas.