Costume/Hair/Makeup Design

Students interested in costume/hair/makeup design have the opportunity to design and execute costume, hair and makeup for specified productions. Students chosen to design must also execute their designs, serving as the designer and production supervisor, under the supervision of the faculty designer. Decisions regarding the choice of designers will be influenced – but not solely determined – by your enrollment in the appropriate track.

If selected, you will be relieved of your practicum assignment during pre-production and production. After production closes, your regular practicum duties resume.

Students, whose overall GPA, or GPA from the most recent semester, is below a 3.0, must submit a Grade and Absence Checklist at the time of interview. Prior to the interview, present the checklist to each of your professors in order to ascertain your current academic standing. Bring the completed form with you to the interview.

Prospective student designers must apply and interview to be considered. Selection criteria are impacted by the following guidelines:

1. Student has completed History of Costuming and received a grade of "B" or better.

2. Student has completed Costume Design and received a grade of "B" or better.

3. Student has completed Stage Makeup and received a grade of “B” or better.

4. Student has completed the costume/makeup practicum and lighting practicum and received a grade of “B” or better.

5. Student has shown skills in terms of organization, punctuality, consistency, self-motivation and working with others.

6. The student has shown commitment to the theatre program, following guidelines in the Theatre Handbook.

7. Student must commit the time to be able to realize the design. This may entail work periods with afternoon practica or special workdays, and will include technical rehearsals.

Additional experience to be considered includes practical experience in other community, university, or professional theatre. As mentioned in our general policies, all work at other theatres during the academic year MUST be approved by the Theatre staff. You must submit your request in writing.


1. Read the play thoroughly.
2. Submit the online application.
3. Sign up for interview slot.
4. During the interview, be prepared to discuss the play and specific design problems. You will be expected to elaborate in an articulate and succinct manner on your design and answer questions posed by faculty.