Graduate Studies in Information Technology Management

Graduate Studies in Information Technology Management

The pervasiveness of information technology (IT) brings with it increasing complexities of the digital economy and challenges to enterprises and to individual executives and managers.  The Master of Science and Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management programs are designed to equip executive, managerial and computing & information technology professionals with the skills to create, plan, organize, lead and control the information technologies in their organizations.

Master of Science

Completion of the Master of Science in Information Technology Management requires 36 graduate credits (12 courses). To provide a common background in information technology management, nine core courses are required of all students. In addition to the core courses, students will choose a concentration within the program by taking two courses in an emphasis area. (Schedule permitting and with the approval of the program director, students may also choose their two emphasis courses from any of the three concentration areas.) The degree culminates with a comprehensive real life industry-type project or research oriented capstone toward the student's selected area of emphasis.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management will be awarded after completing 15 graduate credits (five courses) focusing on survey of information technology management, telecommunications network management, data and knowledge management, IT law and policy and IT project management. Students that successfully complete the graduate certificate in information technology management can matriculate into the Master of Science in information technology management program by fulfilling the remaining requirements for the Master of Science program.