Data Science Major

The B.S. in data science degree program focuses on the relationship between data, technology, and people. The program integrates courses in logical reasoning, computer programming, big data, data analytics, human- computer interaction and other skills that help students to put technology to better use. It has a mandatory internship requirement and students team up with classmates on capstone senior projects that showcase their skills to potential employers. Graduates from the program will be able to apply their tech knowledge to areas of interest—such as biology, business, environmental management, health care, telecommunications, sustainable practice and Web development—to create new uses for technology and the way people interact with it. They are adept at designing, refining and building information systems to extract knowledge from data. They are attuned to the needs that drive people to seek information. And, they understand the increasingly complex social and organizational environments in which people seek to fill their information needs—in theoretical, virtual and physical spaces. They are ambassadors for the transformative power of data when applied ethically and effectively.

B.S. degree program
Total hours required— 126-129

General Education courses required— 38 hours Hours
EC 2413 Principles of Microeconomics 3
BI 4213 Biblical Ethics 3
Mathematics requirement satisfied by major
Specific courses required— 79-81 hours Hours
ENT 2503 An Entrepreneur's Introduction to Business 3
CCT 395V* Internship 1-3
CCT 4613 Senior Project 3
CS 1213 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
CS 1233 Object-Oriented System Design and Programming 3
CS 2243 Database Management Systems 3
DS 1123 Introduction to Data Science 3
DS 2063 Modern Computing Applications for Data Science 3
DS 3123 Information Ethics and Policy 3
DS 3213 Principles of Data Science 3
DS 3223 Information Structures 3
DS 3323 Principles of Statistical Analysis and Decision Modeling 3
DS 4133 Research Methods in Data Science 3
DS 4223 Data Mining and Analysis 3
SEC 3113 Fundamentals of Information Security 3
IT 1213 Graphic Design Studio 3
IT 2223 Web Application Development I 3
IT 2233 User Interface Design 3
IT 3313 Network Principles 3
IT 3413 Systems Analysis and Design 3
IT 3423 Project Management 3
MK 3503 Principles of Marketing 3
MK 3573 Consumer Behavior 3
MA 1113 College Algebra 3
MA 2053 Survey of Calculus 3
MA 2183 Elementary Statistics 3
OSCM 3503 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
MG 3503 Principles of Management 3

Concentration Areas- 9 hours

Bioinformatics Hours
BY 1134 Principles of Biology: Cell and Genetics 3
BY 2114 Cell Biology 3
BY 3114 Genetics 3
Business Informatics (select 3 of the following) Hours
AC 3553 Accounting Information Systems 3
BA 3403 Enterprise Systems and Analytics 3
MK 4563 Marketing Research 3
MK 3403 Strategic Internet Marketing 3
Environmental Management Informatics Hours
ESS 2123 Principles of Sustainability 3
ESS 4213 Environmental Law and Policy 3
ESS 4223 Fundamentals of Environment Management and Technology 3
Health Care Informatics Hours
DS 4003 Decision Support Systems 3
DS 4013 Information Systems Management 3
DS 4103 Introduction to Health Care Informatics 3
Information Technology Entrepreneurship Hours
ENT 3543 Marketing and the Entrepreneurial Enterprise 3
MK 3553 Promotional Strategy 3
ENT 4453 Entrepreneurial Management 3
Sustainability Performance Informatics Hours
ESS 2013 Introduction to Sustainable Energy Sources 3
ESS 2123 Principles of Sustainability 3
ESS 4223 Fundamentals of Environment Management and Technology 3
Web Development Hours
IT 3223 Web Application Development II 3
IT 3233 Web Server Technologies 3
MK 3403 Strategic Internet Marketing 3

*CCT 395V has variable credit (1-3 hours)