Certificates of Graduate Studies

Students that successfully complete one of the graduate certificates below (15 credit hours) can matriculate into the respective Master of Science program by fulfilling the remaining requirements for that degree.


Graduate Certificate in Health Care Informatics 

15 credit hours required.

HCI 5103      Introduction to Health Care Informatics (3)

HCI 5013      Information Systems Management (3)

MITM 5023   Data and Knowledge Management (3)

HCI 5003      Decision Support Systems (3)

ISEC 5113    Introduction to Information Security (3)

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management 

15 credit hours required.

MITM 5003   Introduction to Information Technology Management (3)

MITM 5013   Telecommunications Network Management (3)

MITM 5023   Data and Knowledge Management (3)

MITM 5173   IT Law and Policy (3)

MITM 5203   IT Project Management (3)

Graduate Certificate in Information Security 

15 credit hours required.

ISEC 5113      Introduction to Information Security (3)

ISEC 5123      Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning (3)

ISEC 5133      Policy and Procedures (3)

ISEC 5143     Trust worthy Human Resources and Physical Environment Security (3)

ISEC 5153     Secure IT Communications and Operations I – Network Management Focus (3)

Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering 

15 credit hours required.

MSSE 5023    Perspectives on Software Engineering: Requirements Engineering and Modeling

MSSE 5033    Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

MSSE 5043    Software Architecture and Design

MSSE 5113    Agile Software Development

MSSE 5123    Database Modeling and Design