Information Security Major

The field of information security has grown and evolved significantly in recent years. It is concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data regardless of the form the data may take: electronic, print, or other forms. Governments, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and private businesses amass a great deal of confidential information about their employees, customers, products, research, and financial status. Most of this information is collected, processed, and stored on electronic computers and transmitted across networks to other computers. Protecting confidential information is a  business requirement, and in many cases, also an ethical and legal requirement. The information security major, or degree program, offers a deep grounding covering the breadth of information security from theoretical frameworks through models to policies and ethical practices. It focuses on security challenges, threats and requirements for operating systems, computer architectures, networking protocols and organizations’ data and information. It is the ideal major for the student who is passionate about developing the ability to:

  • Apply the technologies and procedures professionals use to secure business systems
  • Identify the information security risks and create effective strategies to stop them
  • Discover how information security is essential to organizational success
  • Possess the knowledge to analyze the role of security within an organization as well as educate  corporate employees about their security responsibilities
  • Analyze the professional, legal and ethical impact of information security on individuals, business organizations and society
  • Apply industry standard techniques to secure large-scale networks
  • Gain the competencies necessary to plan, customize, and manage large-scale secure network and operating system configuration for optimum business applications and/or plans.

The minor in information security combines both theoretical concepts and technical skills to prepare students for a career in information security, including ethical hacking, forensics, networking, and security management.

B.S. degree program with embedded General Business Minor, Total Hours 130-132

Specific courses required

General Education 44 hours Hours
  Specific General Education Courses required by SEC major  
EC 2503 Economics  3
MG 3503 Principle of Management ( to sub for BI 3123) 3
BI 4213 Bible 3


Accounting (AC) Hours
AC 2503 Financial Accounting 3


Entrepreneurship (ENT) Hours
ENT 2503 An Entrepreneur's Introduction to Business 3


Computer Science (CS) Hours
CS 1122 Introduction to Computer Science 2
CS 1213 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
CS 1233 Object-Oriented System Design & Programming 3
CS 2233 Data Structures and Algorithms  3
CS 2243 Database Management Systems 3
CS 2313 Computer Organization 3
CS 3323 Operating System 3


Information Security (SEC) Hours
SEC 2313 Fundamentals of Information Security 3
SEC 3313 Introduction to Policy and Procedures 3
SEC 3323 Cryptography 3
SEC 3333 Business Continuity & Recovery Planning 3
SEC 395V Internship in Information   
SEC 4163 Senior Seminar in Information Security 3
SEC 4313 Database Security 3
SEC 4323 Network Security 3


Information Technology (IT) Hours
IT 2223 Web Application Development I  3
IT 3313 Network Principles  3
IT 3323 Wireless Network and Mobile Systems 3


Marketing (MK) Hours
MK 3503 Principles of Marketing 3
MK 3573 Consumer Behavior 3


Mathematics (MA) Hours
MA 1314 Calculus I 4
MA 2314 Calculus II 4
MA 2103 Discrete Mathematics 3
MA 3123 Mathematical Theory of Statistics 3


Concentration Areas- 9 hours

Computer Systems Hours
CS 3333 Mobile and Distributed Computer 3
EECE 3813 Digital Computer Design I 3
EECE 4254 Microprocessors 4


Game Development Hours
CS 3253 Game Development I 3
CS 3263 Game Development II 3
CS 3273 Collaborative Game Development 3


Information Technology Entrepreneurship Hours
ENT 3503 The Entrepreneurial Enterprise 3
MK 3553 Promotional Strategy 3
ENT 4453 Managing the Entrepreneur Enterprise 3


Information Technology Management Hours
ITM 4003 Principles of Information Technology Management 3
INF 3123 Information Ethics and Policy 3
ITM 4013 Telecommunications Network Management 3
ITM 4023 Data & Knowledge Management 3


Mobile Computing Hours
CS 3243 Mobile Device Programming 3
CS 3333 Mobile & Distributed Computing Systems 3
CS 4013 Future Mobile & Social Computing Systems 3


System Administration Hours
IT 3333 Network Administration 3
IT 3343 Database Administration 3
BA 3703 Management Communications 3


Web Application Development Hours
IT 3223 Web Application Development II 3
IT 3233 Web Server Technologies 3
MK 3403 Internet Marketing 3