MS in IT Management Course Schedule

The Master of Science in IT Management program features 36 hours of coursework*. Classes are scheduled Friday evenings (4-8 p.m. or 5-9 p.m.) and Saturdays (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), allowing the highest quality educational experience without disrupting one’s professional career. Tuition covers the cost of course materials and meals on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Course Dates** Course Number / Name
11/8-11/9, 11/22-11/23 ISEC 5113 Intro to Information Security UNLESS student has an Info Sec concentration AND has already taken ISEC 5113, then ISEC 5153 Secure IT Communications & Operations I - Network Management Focus
12/6-12/7, 12/20-12/21 MITM 5203 IT Project Management
1/3-1/4, 1/17-1/18 HCI 5103 / Introduction to Healthcare Informatics
1/31-2/1, 2/14-2/15 MITM 5023 / Data & Knowledge Management
2/28-3/1, 3/14-3/15 MITM 5043 / Principles of Statistical Analysis and Decision Modeling
3/28-3/29, 4/11-4/12 MITM 5213 / Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
4/25-4/26, 5/9-5/10 Course based on concentration:
HCI concentration: HCI 5213 Operations in Health Care
Info Sec concentration: If not already taken, ISEC 5113 Intro Info Security, otherwise ISEC 5193 Systems and Application Security and Planning
Org. Behavior and Leadership concentration: PMBA 6083 Managing Human Resources (offered on May 2-3 & 16-17 - classified as a SUMMER course!)


  *Capstone course as the last course in the program.  Graduation date is based on completion date of the capstone project. 

  **Dates posted above that are beyond the current semester are are subject to change at the School's discretion. The definitive dates for each course are provided during registration.