Faculty Course Grant Process

Step 1
Review the Faculty Course Grant Policies for information about who is eligible to apply for a grant.

Step 2
Review the Innovative Course Grant Process Flowchart and/or the Technology Enhancement Grant Flowchart to understand the full process of the grant cycle. 

Step 3
Submit the Innovative Course Grant Proposal and/or the Technology Enhancement Grant Proposal

Step 4
While developing the course, complete the Innovative Course Grant Checklist and/or the Technology Enhancement Grant Checklist as a guide for items to include or consider in the course. 

Step 5
Submit the completed course for review and comments/suggestions. If this is an online course, please make a request to the Registrar that the appropriate reviewers be added in Banner as reviewers only (no teaching responsibility) so they can access the online course materials. Reviewers may include department chair, associate dean, dean, and a representative from the faculty course grant review committee.

Step 6
Make revisions to the course based on reviews and comments/suggestions received in previous step.

Step 7
After course receives final approval, submit the Innovative Course Grant Checklist and/or the Technology Enhancement Grant Checklist and the Consulting Agreement for Intellectual Property (only needed for Technology Enhancement Grants).

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Galbreath, Associate Provost, at 966.5952 or susan.galbreath@lipscomb.edu.