Faculty Grant Recipients

We are pleased to offer $1,000 Innovative Course Grants and Technology Enhancement Grants. Innovative Course Grants are for new courses or significantly revised courses that incorporate experiential learning, local travel, field visits, or other enhancements that complement the learning goals of the class.Technology Enhancement Grants are for new online courses that use the appropriate technology in an online environment to achieve the learning goals of the course, have a high potential of successful integration in the curriculum and have future viability as an online course.  
Please join me in congratulating the following faculty members who are the recipients of the Summer and Wintermester Faculty Grants. 

Summer 2012 Faculty Grants

Innovative Course Grants
Walter Surdacki      BIXXXX Christian Camping & Spiritual Formation of Adolescents     
Jan Harris              EN36n3 Creative Writing
Stacia Watkins       EN4623 Seminar in American Literature: The South
Sonya Borton         EN49n3 Seminar in Special Topics
J. David Davis       EGSE5053 Foundations of Behavior Analysis
                            EGSE5063 Behavior Analysis and Program Evaluation
                            EGSE5073 Educational and Behavior Interventions 


Wintermester 2011-12 Faculty Grants

Technology Enhancement Grants
Donna King          MU 1503 Music Appreciation 
Brandon Banes       MA 1113 College Algebra 

Innovative Course Grants
Walter Surdacki    GB 5673 Youth and Family Ministry (hybrid)
Jonathan Gillette   AR 419v Special Topics: Printing for Graphic Designers 
Anne Lowery         Nutrition Travel Course to Honduras
                            (NUTR 37nV, EXNS 54v3, SU 603v, SU 604v)  


Summer 2011 Faculty Grants  

Technology Enhancement Grants
Kenneth Mayer          IT 2043 Information Systems Applications
Becky Tallon             IT 1000 Basic Computer Literacy
Tracey Hebert           EG 7183 Legal, Political, Ethical Issues of Leadership
Innovative Course Grants
Laura Lake Smith       AR 491V Special Topics: The Art of the Italian Renaissance     
Matt Hearn                 EN 219V From Virgil to Dante
Rocky Horton             AR 491V Special Topics: Studio Art and Practice in Italy
Chris Gonzalez           PS XXX3 Positive Youth Development


Wintermester 2010-11 Faculty Grants

Technology Enhancement Grants
Zach Evans              MG 3503 Principles of Management
Brandon Banes        MA 1030 Intermediate Algebra
George Boulware      MK 3503 Principles of Marketing
Charles Frasier         AC 3513  Managerial Accounting

Innovative Course Grants
Kent Johnson          PE 105V Snow Skiiing in Colorado


Summer 2010 Faculty Grants

Technology Enhancement Grants
Keith Nikolaus            EG 5223 Communication, Collaboration, & Community Relations 
Keith Nikolaus            ED 3354 Classroom Management and Middle School Education
Carrie Thornthwaite     EG 5623 Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology
Bill Ingram                  EC 2501 Principles of Microeconomics
Bill Ingram                  EC 2513 Principles of Macroeconomics
Linda Phipps              CM 1013 Introduction to Chemistry
Rocky Horton             AR 1813 Art Appreciation   
Mary Sledge               BY 1003 Fundamentals of Biology
Tamera Klingbyll         BY 3712 Conservation of Natural Resources

Summer 2009 Faculty Grants

Innovative Course Grants
Kim Reed                   EN 219V Contemplative Practices and Literature
Laura Lake Smith        AR 1813 Art Appreciation

Technology Enhancement Grants
Keith Nikolaus            ED 3302 Educational Assessments
Carrie Thornthwaite     EG 5xxx Best Practices for Teaching and Learning
Ray Eldridge              BU 6093 Service Operations and Marketing
Jeff Jewell                  FI 3053 Principles of Finance
George Boulware        MK 3543 Professional Selling
Allison Duke              MG 4453 Human Resources Management