About Us

College life—two simple words than encompass so much. Lipscomb's Office of Student Life is at the center of how thousands of students live, play, serve and worship each day. From residence halls and organizations to chapel and campus events, our office is at the heart of what campus life means at Lipscomb.

We understand, too, that college life isn't always easy. There can be a lot of pressure—academically and socially—and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Students have different needs and might want some help along the way, which is why you can feel free to come to us anytime with questions, ideas or suggestions. However we can help you, our doors are always open. We're in the lower level of the Bennett Campus Center (Suite 100) or you can reach us at 615.966.5690.

Our Mission

The mission of Campus Life is to provide exceptional, Christ-centered education outside the classroom that equips students to discover their created purpose and embrace their place in the Kingdom.

Our Vision 

“Nurture the soul of the University”

They recognized them as companions of Jesus” (Acts 4:13)

They were highly regarded by the people” (Acts 5:13)

The aroma of Christ…the fragrance of life” (2 Cor. 15-16)

One of the historic hallmarks of genuine Christ followers is the often subtle but always noticeable difference in the way they live their lives.

Our vision is of a place so distinctive in atmosphere and character that by merely participating in the community experience at Lipscomb the result will be genuine transformation at the heart and soul level.