Services AnimationWhile there are many locations that accommodate your meeting, no one wants just another meeting. We deliver on every level.  

Meeting Design

Before you schedule a space, we'll help you determine exactly what you want to accomplish, what your plans are and what kind of space is most suitable for your event. Then, once you've scheduled your space, we'll arrange all the details to help you get the most out of your time at Spark.


As academic scholars, business professionals and executive educators, the Spark staff is equipped to meet your strategic objectives both experientially and substantively. Our team can facilitate a difficult conversation, help create a strategic plan or present ideas on a subject relevant to your meeting.  To learn more contact John Lowry at 615.516.2003. (Facilitication and Professional Development is an addtitional charge)


When you book a meeting at Spark, we work with the best caterers in the Brentwood/Cool Springs Area to provide you with outstanding food options. You enjoy the food, we take care of the details. 


We don’t just provide pens and pads. We have the projectors, flat screens, smart boards, Apple TVs and other techy devices you need to be innovative and creative. We also have a team ready to assist you to incorporate these tools into your work at Spark. And it gets better... the technology and the tech are FREE!

Want more Info?

You can download our Informational packet and handouts on our Downloads page.