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Today we are beginning a new feature on our blog that will be coming on Monday mornings. We have asked some local ministers to do a devotional thought to start off the work week. We hope that this will be a great benefit for both the business and educational communities. The first one comes from Chris Smith, the pulpit minister at Harpeth Hills Church of Christ. 


Whose Side Are You On?


There is a remarkable sentence early in the story of Moses and the deliverance of the Children of Israel from Egypt. In Exodus 1:12 we read, “The Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and worked them ruthlessly.”


The Hebrew people had come to Egypt and now those in power did not want the immigrants any more. They feared them, which is almost comical, but that is what those in power always do—fear the minority and cling to power at any cost. Oppressive labor, even killing infants, was not too high a price to pay to make sure those on the bottom stayed on the bottom.


Those of us in positions of privilege need to be personally engaged in helping those who are powerless. The fatherless, the elderly, the hungry, the poor, the homeless—when we assist people like these it loosens the hands that cling to power.


I preach at the Tennessee Prison for Women three or four times a year. Nothing I do reminds me more of my privileged status. Those trips soften my heart and make me thankful for my blessings. When I don’t go to the prison I get full of myself and begin to believe that I am entitled. The prison reminds me it is all grace.


Take your office to volunteer at a homeless shelter, round up the kids and visit a nursing home, deliver meals once a month for Meals on Wheels and tell no one about it.


After all, whose side are you on?


Contact Chris at:

Chris Smith

Pulpit Minister

Harpeth Hills Church of Christ

Phone:  (615) 373-0601 ext. 113


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Higher Education Column in Tennessean

Our Director John Lowry has begun his new column today with the Tennessean Newspaper. Be sure to follow the link below to read it, or pick up a copy and read it in print!

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Changes in higher ed mirror technology evolution in music industry

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Conversations with the Dean

Today, we are turning back the clock about a year as we are sharing with you on of the great "Conversations with the Dean" that the Lipscomb College of Business does. Last October, Dean Turney Stevens sat down with Rob Touchstone and Charlie Dillingham from the Well Coffeehouse. As the Co-founder and Treasurer they share the idea and mission of this great coffeeshop in the Green Hills area. These Lipscomb Alums are helping make a difference for people in the world who have water that carries water-born illinesses, or no water at all.  Be sure to learn more about The Well Coffeehouse, and the work they are doing on their website:


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Conversation on Social Responsibility

Welcome to September!

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend, and that you are being productive today in whatever tasks you are completing. As you have hopefully already seen, we have lots in store for this blog. One of those is a way for us to share our radio show that airs each month on WAKM 950AM here in Franklin, TN. This week we would like for you to listen to the radio show from May 24th, when we had a round table discussion about social responsibility. We brought in 6 different leaders from the community, both from the corporate sector as well as the non-profit sector, to talk about corporate social responsibility. We hope that this radio show will educate the public in what corporate social responsibility is and what organizations in Middle Tennessee are doing to work together to strengthen the community.

You can check it out here or on iTunes.


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Welcome to Fall 2013!


Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are back in session, along with Universities all across the nation. That means one thing... kickoff is right around the corner for the first football games! We here at Spark are having a kickoff of our own! We are beginning new social media coverage, including the start of our new blog! It is currently under construction, but soon you will be able view this blog from our main website. Also, we will be posting regular updates, including the link to this blog on your favorite social media outlets. Be sure to follow us to keep up with everything that's going on here at Spark!


Here to introduce it and to give you a one year update on our state of the art facility is Spark's Executive Director John Lowry.  



Dear Friends,


Spark: Lipscomb’s Idea Center launched in August 2012 with the dream of making Lipscomb Williamson County’s university. A year later…


·      125 Lipscomb students are pursuing their graduate degrees at Spark

·      Lipscomb has produced 20 technology professionals through Spark that are contributing to Williamson County’s largest workforce need

·      Over 3,500 people have experienced Spark through a meeting or event

·      Nearly 50 companies or organizations use Spark on a regular basis for team meetings, corporate events, or design thinking sessions


We are pleased to announce the latest contribution of Spark. The Spark Plug will be an online resource containing content geared toward professional and personal development. It will bring to you the best information in a concise and compelling way.


You will be engage by articles from Lipscomb faculty, radio interviews from the Spark Radio Show, devotionals from area pastors and ministers, and video material such as Conversations with the Dean hosted by Lipscomb College of Business Dean Turney Stevens.


Follow Spark on Facebook at SparkCoolSprings and on Twitter at SparkCS. Be looking for this valuable content and forward it on to your social network.


Thank you in advance for your support of Spark.




John Lowry

Executive Director


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