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Back to School Time!

We hope you have enjoyed your summer, but as teachers and students go back to school over the next few weeks we wanted to give you a few things to think about while you prepare your family for the transition. 


Possibly the most pressing thing is the back to school shopping. Here in Tennessee, Tax-free weekend is upon us, so will be the first thing to cover. With so many items on the shopping list each year, it’s hard to know what is covered under the Tax-Free Holiday and what is not. For example, a computer purchase would be exempt but computer hardware is not unless it is sold with a new computer.  Also, belts are exempt, but belt buckles that are sold separately are not. Most retailers have their registers set up to automatically exempt tax on the proper items. It can get confusing but if you have questions, you can always refer to the Tennessee Tax Holiday website.


Always be sure to check ahead for sales, as many retailers do special back to school sales, even on top of the Tax Free Weekend. Some of these sales may only be available on certain days and times, so it may help to plan ahead. Keep in mind, some retailers will also have special business hours associated with these sales and the tax-free holiday. You can take advantage of these hours, and beat some of the long lines by getting an early start.


As your children go back to school, be sure to meet their teachers and administrators. By creating a good relationship with those instructing your children, you will create an open dialogue with other adults who are interested in helping your children succeed. This open dialogue will help both sides to share information including the excitement in successes, and concern about disappointments.


When you meet them, be sure to ask teachers what you can do to help your child learn and succeed in the subject they teach. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to particular subjects, but that doesn’t mean that you can only help your child’s progress in certain subjects. There are many ways that you can help your children learn concepts in subject, even if you may not be as skilled in it as you might be in another. If you let the teachers know you may feel weak in your ability to help your child in their subject, they will have some ideas of how you can still help.


We hope you have a great beginning to the school year! For some more tips you can also check a post from the US Department of Education’s blog from last year.

Also, If you are here in Williamson County, the WCS inFocus site has lots of information about the upcoming school year.

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