About Us

Mission Statement

Serve as an organized voice for the student body of Lipscomb University, sustain the spirit and moral of students; serve as an advocate for the concerns of those students, and serve as a catalyst for students' academic, social, and spiritual growth, while promoting the Christian values and principles of the university.

2014-2015 Senate

Drew Watson

Seth Carey

Jamie Keiser

Adrian Ricketts

Seniors Senators & At-Large Members
Kirby Arloff (Social Committee)
Ben Ashley (Spiritual Committee)
Brendon Burke (Academic Committee)                             Craig Harwell (Social Committee)
Kimberly Keen (Co-Chair, Social Committee)
Lauren King (Chair, Spiritual Committee)
Allie Sockwell (Academic Committee)                               Ariel Vinson (Spiritual Committee)                              Zeke Cutts (Social Committee)                             Andrew Dorris (Academic Committee)

Junior Senators & At-Large Members
Julia Allen (Spiritual Committee)
Michael Clinger (Spiritual Committee)
Ezra Fritz (Chair, Communications Committee)                     Stephen Grady (Social Committee)
Brennan Johnson (Social Committee)
Cole Meador (Co-Chair, Social Committee)
Hannah Passamonte (Communications Committee)
Margaret Rox (Chair, Academic Committee)
Anne Claire Smith (Spiritual Committee)

Sophomore Senators & At-Large Members
Anna Cannone (Spiritual Committee)                     Lauren Gardiner (Communications Committee)
Caroline Hensley (Spiritual Committee)
Carter Hilliard (Social Committee)
Sarah Lavoi (Academic Committee)
Megan Neuenschwander (Social Committee)                  Jackson Smith (Spiritual Committee, Non-Voting Member)

Freshmen Leadership Council
Lincoln Bell (Communications Committee)
Emily England (Communications Committee)
Vince Law (Academic Committee)
Alleah Thompson (Social Committee)
Grayson Webber (Spiritual Committee)

Drew Watson
Seth Carey
Adrian Ricketts
Jamie Keiser

Senior Senators
Allie Sockwell
Brendon Burke
Kirby Arloff                                        Ariel Vinson                                     Craig Harwell

Junior Senators
Michael Clinger
Cole Meador
Brennan Johnson
Anne Claire Smith
Stephen Grady

Sophomore Senators
Carter Hilliard
Anna Cannone
Lauren Gardiner
Megan Neuenschwander
Sarah Lavoi                                Jackson Smith

Freshman Leadership Council
Alleah Thompson
Emily England
Grayson Webber
John Vincent Law
Lincoln Bell

Ben Ashley
Caroline Hensley
Ezra Fritz
Hannah Passamonte
Julia Allen
Kimberly Keen
Lauren King
Margaret Rox                                    Andrew Dorris