SALT Scholar Capstone Project Descriptions

Economic/Marketing Development

Non-Profit Communication
Developing a strategic communication plan for CASA

For my Senior PR class project, I strove to work with a non-profit that needed some direction for internal and external communication. My final project involved analyzing the company for problems or opportunities, and then working to create a strategic communication plan that can be used by the company. I researched, created timelines and budgets, as well as gave a layout to implement the plan. I ended up working with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). They are a non-profit organization that conceived the idea of using trained community volunteers to speak for the best interests of children in family court cases.

Kara Philpot

Public Relations

May 2013

Kara Philpot
Global Economic Development
Looking at the numerous social justice issues plaguing the global community and providing a method of reducing them drastically across the board

My senior research project looks at the numerous social justice issues plaguing the global community and provides a method of reducing them drastically across the board.  The proposal will accomplish this by establishing a highly tailored and specifically detailed economic model that will be implemented at the heart of the most neglected regions of the planet, such as South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.  With the implementation of this economic model, jobs will be created and infrastructure will be developed.  With jobs comes a steady income.  With a steady income comes access to food, which removes the incentive of selling children into slavery and thus reduces the supply of children to traffic.  With infrastructure comes roads and clean water.  With roads comes access to food, resources, medicine, and the basis for an economy to be structured around.  With clean water comes a reduction of disease.  The ideas in my research project represent an utter and complete rejection of the notion that there will always be suffering and we must simply deal with it.  Justice is not an abstract and intangible dream; it can be achieved in a lasting and universal form.  Human trafficking, poverty, genocide, and every other form of injustice can not only be hampered, but sought out, drug into the light, and eradicated.  Such a goal is monolithic in scope and colossal in difficulty.  But such observations are mere distractions.  For this goal to be achieved, the global community and its many citizens must collectively labor towards the realization of a more perfect future.  What the project entails is the blueprint for erecting a stable framework for the protection of human rights in the most vulnerable parts of the global community. 

Eric Heath
Law, Justice, & Society
May 2012


Communication Strategies
Strategic Communication Campaign for Tokens

Tokens is a non-profit organization that provides, entertainment that
incorporates theological discussion, humor, music and interviews.
Tokens produces an opportunity for people within the community to
enjoy theological discussion, live music and a variety of cultural
analysis in the form of good conversation like an old time radio show.
 It is produced entirely by volunteers.  Each show features different
musical artists and occasional authors or other community figures for
interviews.   I worked with Tokens to develop a communication strategy
plan that helped Tokens to reach a new demographic of people. Our goal
was to create an increased attendance and awareness rate for the young
adult and young professional population in Nashville. I used a
nine-step process that identifies the company, situation, goals,
objectives, tactics to be used, budget, proactive strategies and
several other communication strategies to reach the specified public.

Amy Estepp
Public Relations
May 2012


Public Relations for a Non-Profit
Assisting NashvilleCARES with marketing strategies
I worked with Nashville Cares, an HIV/AIDS organization and developed a strategic communication plan for them to help in their marketing strategies. This plan included objective and goal setting, analyzing their key publics, etc. I also redesigned several logos for them and wrote a press release for an upcoming testing event they are sponsoring. This project was good for me to have a better understanding of how an organization operates and gave me "real world" experience that will be beneficial as I enter the next stage of my life.
Leah Raich
Public Relations
May 2012
Strategic Communication to Gain Support
Helping ThriftSmart to develop a strategic communication plan for their donors
For my capstone project, I worked with the non-profit thrift store, ThriftSmart to develop a strategic communication plan for their donors. is a thrift store that sells a large variety of donated items and uses 100% of the store’s profit as donated revenue for several local charities. Because of low in-store shopping rates among publics who donate items to ThriftSmart, ThriftSmart needed a strategic communication plan to generate stronger knowledge of the organization, increase item donation and expand their customer base. Through this project I was able to present ThriftSmart with a plan, which included key messages, message sources, ways to communicate the message and pieces I completed that solidified the message to the donors.
Madalyn Chaffin
Public Communication and Leadership
May 2012