CORE—an assessment and development program as unique as you are.

Competency-based assessment and development provide an opportunity for attributes such as life and professional experiences, as well as personal and behavioral skills, to be evaluated for performance goals, programs and outcomes. It's a way to demonstrate competencies based on where you are in your career, what you've accomplished and what you know.

Through Lipscomb University’s Competency Assessment and Development Center, CORE (Customized, Outcome-based, Relevant, Evaluation) measures 15 competencies on a badge system, which is based on a nationally respected and Fortune 500-proven model—the Polaris® Competency Model. Through past performance, the Polaris® system has a proven track record of how competencies are best measured and what competencies will work to fulfill the needs of individuals and companies. We bring that proven performance to you in a concise, innovative program with the advantage of having the added educational experience of one of the South’s top private universities. All of the Polaris® products through CORE are backed by rigorous statistical studies supporting their validity and psychometric soundness.

Lipscomb is breaking new ground in competency assessment with the first fully-integrated, competency-based professional development program using the Polaris® system offered by a university in the country. As part of Lipscomb’s College of Professional Studies, CORE is just one of Lipscomb’s many innovative programs that is addressing the way knowledge is assessed, improved and utilized.

CORE is as easy as ABCD

Icons -Clipboard


A = Assess on 15 relevant competencies

Icons -Management


B = Award e-credential badges

Icons - Customized


C = Customized plan for identified competency gap

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D = Develop targeted competencies

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