CNM Directors Application to CORE Assessment and Development Center

The Center for Nonprofit Management and Lipscomb University are partnering to provide you with an innovative method to determine your individual strengths and provide opportunities to improve your skills as directors in your organizations. Lipscomb is working with CNM to discover what impact the CORE Competency Assessment and Development Center can make in the non-profit sector.

We are inviting you to submit an application to be a part of this effort. It entails participating in Lipscomb University's CORE Competency Assessment and Development Center, which utilizes behavior activities to evaluate 15 leadership competencies including organizing and planning, problem-solving and decision-making, and presentation skills. The assessments are based on the Polaris® Competency Model, which is utilized by hundreds of leading organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, The ServiceMaster Company, and Wendy’s International, Inc.

In the open market, this is would be an assessment valued at $1,500. For this pilot, we are asking each participant to pay $100; the remainder of the associated costs will be borne by CNM and Lipscomb. Participants will engage in a variety of activities, be assessed on a rubric, receive valuable feedback and earn digital badge credentials. Only eighteen directors will be selected for this first round in the CORE assessment.

If you are selected, you should expect to participate this fall. This will require one eight-hour weekday with a one-hour feedback session with trained assessors to follow. Tentative dates for the assessment cohorts are October 29-30, November 12-13 or December 3-4.

Ideal candidates are those directors who:
-Have completed at least two years of college
-Have at least two years of work experience in a professional setting with leadership or supervisory experience
-Will commit to an eight-hour assessment with a one-hour feedback session to follow within 72 hours
-Will complete a pre-survey regarding education and work experience with potential follow-up to yield aggregate baseline data.

Please contact me at with any questions about the application process or the potential value of this great opportunity.

Thank you.

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