About Us

A welcome from the dean

Most likely, the first thing you’re asking about the College of Professional Studies is …“aren’t all college studies professional studies?” Of course, the simple answer is yes. College is about preparing for a specific vocation or avocation.  However in this college, Lipscomb’s newest college, we are focused on how college can serve students who either began college and dropped out for a while to work or students who have been working in other areas and are now looking for a more specialized, individualized program.  

Our programs are designed to meet the special life demands of the adult learner (as opposed to the traditional freshman or sophomore). We do this through our undergraduate Adult Learning Program, for individuals who started college but did not finish and undergraduate degree to several graduate-level programs and certificates that prepare students for jobs in today’s marketplace and tomorrow’s. For instance, the innovative School of TransformAging is housed in this college, a school that is creating a new kind of professional skilled at new ways to bring new quality to the aging process.

You might say we are a college that gives people who’ve already learned a lot in life a degree to go with it.  And, in fact, you’re going to see a lot of information here about our programs, but the truth is, if you have a vision for your future, it’s our job to help you make it happen, especially as you find your place of success in God’s kingdom. 

So let’s talk. It could lead to a future you’ve just been dreaming of so far.

Nina Morel, Ed.D.
Dean, College of Professional Studies

Key things to know about Lipscomb’s College of Professional Studies

  • One of the first in the nation to apply competency assessment to the development of personalized degree programs for adult learners.
  • Home of CORE: Customized Outcome-based Relevant Evaluation, a process for evaluating individual competencies based on a patented, nationally recognized skills assessment process 
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) can turn years of working experience into college credit saving students time and money