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Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs

On average Lipscomb University adult degree seekers earn one-to-two semesters of college credits on day one, through our nationally-recognized Competency Assessment Center.

Earning your Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university with a large alumni network will boost career confidence immediately and provide the relationships you need to grow professionally.

Lipscomb University’s College of Professional Studies has supportive faculty and staff who understand the challenges facing adult degree seekers. We create individualized plans for hundreds of students just like you, so you can meet your goals efficiently, flexibly, and affordably.

Our nationally-recognized Competency Assessment Center can save you up to one full year of college. This means, like most adult students at Lipscomb, you can earn your degree in 3 years or less.

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Graduate Professional Programs

Earn up to 20% of your master’s degree on day one, through our nationally-recognized Competency Assessment Center.

A graduate degree opens vocational doors. Lipscomb University’s master of professional studies in organizational leadership provides you in-depth learning in two leadership areas of your choice.

In as little as 12 months, you will graduate as an expert in organizational leadership, giving you a competitive advantage in your career field. You will find Lipscomb’s faculty are well-networked, and they partner with many of the region’s leading companies.

The Lipscomb University master’s degree is designed so you can earn it while working full time. You can put what you learn to use at work immediately and then grow your career with the achievement of a graduate degree.

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What is competency-based education?

In shorthand, competency-based education means you get credit for specific skills and abilities you already have learned in your career. Earning college credits for your existing know-how means you can target your learning to areas you want to develop, so you can achieve your future goals.

Lipscomb University is a leader in competency-based education. Through our one-day assessment, you will earn college credits that shave time and costs off of earning your degree. You also will begin your studies with a boost of confidence, realizing that you already have what it takes to go to the next level.

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