College of Professional Studies

Adult students know what they want in life—a rewarding career, a way to give back, a good future for their family—but sometimes the traditional undergraduate education process just won’t work with their busy lives. Lipscomb offers several paths to a college diploma for our adult degree students that can shorten the time and cost of completion, including Lipscomb’s nationally recognized “competency-based” program that focuses on skills and knowledge rather than courses and credits.

College of Professional Studies


The College of Professional Studies breaks down barriers post-traditional (adult) students face when pursuing an academically rigorous degree. Our students are work/life experienced, highly motivated and often balance academics with a family and a full-time job. Since each student’s needs and circumstances are different, we start by finding out where you are and then provide personalized pathways and individual targeted support.

The college is centered in competency-based learning (fewer lectures, more real-life training), customized degree programs using online, hybrid, in-class, mobile strategies as well as evening classes and advisors who specialize in keeping students moving steadily to their diploma and their futures.

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Academic Choices

Just as the college is nontraditional--and caters to nontraditional students who have a better idea of the direction they want to go than the typical, recent high school graduate--so is the approach used to design programs that not only meet students where they currently are in their lives, but where they want to go.  Your end game may be a traditional field of study such as accounting, education or social work. Or you may discover that a broader-based major in organizational leadership or integrated studies fits your future best.  The college’s academic advisors work closely with you to successfully help you take your next best step.

Employer Services

A significant portion of the college’s work is providing adult learner education to major employers through our competency-based employee development program. Using a model proven by such companies as Nike, Dow Corning, and AT&T, the college’s CORE assessment program is a significant and successful tool for investing in employees a company wants to retain and develop as leaders.TransformAging to work on a graduate certificate or master’s degree in aging-related disciplines.