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Welcome to my personal blog. Those of us in the academic environment are expected to do some thinking and writing, so I humbly offer my thoughts in a format that gives us a unique communication opportunity. While I do not pretend that my insight is all that special, I do have the perspective of one who is privileged to lead a growing higher education institution and engaged with many local and national organizations.

It is my hope that this blog will encourage you to share your thoughts as well. A significant aspect of any blog is response, and I will be appreciative of your contribution to our conversation. After many years in the field of conflict management, I strongly believe that dialogue—even among those who may not see the world the same way—is the key to building great communities.

I appreciate your interest and engagement!

After Destruction Comes the Hard Work of Resolution

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Sadly, last week’s eruption of violence in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, confirmed the expectations of a nation. Regardless of the grand jury’s decision in the tragic death of Michael Brown, it was assumed that physical violence and the destruction of property would visibly define a community’s response. And it did, profiling the continued challenge of race relations in the United States. As news outlets around the globe showed the fiery scenes of buildings burning...

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International Student Programs Influence the World for Good


Last Friday, The Tennessean insightfully reported on the economic impact of the international students who come to study in Nashville.  The piece reported that the 3,300 international students enrolled in Nashville’s universities between 2008-2012 contributed more than $127 million to our local economy. While the economic impact of international students is significant, our attention needs to be focused on two even more important issues related to them. First, extending educational opportunities to international students is...

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


During the university’s first chapel of the school year, I joined a long list of well-known people around the globe who are taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In the last two weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge has quite literally “soaked” the nation. Everyone from Ethel Kennedy to Justin Timberlake has poured a bucket of ice water over his or her head. This month, the ALS Association, a national nonprofit organization fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease,...

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Coach Don Meyer Remembered


Sunday, Lipscomb University hosted a memorial service for Coach Don Meyer, who died of cancer May 18 at age 69. Coach Meyer created his collegiate basketball legacy during his 24 years as “Coach” at Lipscomb with a 1986 national championship and 12 other trips to the national tournament. At Lipscomb he coached John Pierce and Philip Hutcheson, who still hold the record for all-time scoring leaders in the history of college basketball, and hundreds of...

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Education Changes Expectations


There has been a lot of media attention recently for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announced proposal to provide college classes to inmates while in prison. As a university president and a former law professor, I agree with the governor that education is a good investment in our neighbors and fellow human beings, and an effective method of addressing the problem of ex-offenders re-entering society. A recent RAND Corporation report states that inmates who participate...

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