Faculty Spotlight Ronda Bryant



Dr. Bryant received her B.S. in Sociology from East Tennessee State University in 1994 and her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1997. She was commissioned upon graduation as a Lieutenant, Medical Service Corps, United States Navy through the Health Services Collegiate Program and completed her military service as the Director of Pharmacy at Lemoore Naval Hospital in Lemoore, California.

Dr. Bryant has experience in hospital management, retail pharmacy, assisted living, OR pharmacy, compounding, and Hospice.  Her most recent position was as the Manager of Belmont University Health Services Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Belmont University. At Belmont University, Dr. Bryant served as Advisor to the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity, created and taught an advanced compounding elective, and managed the only retail pharmacy owned and operated by a college of pharmacy in the state of Tennessee.  Dr. Bryant’s work was recently highlighted at the 2012 Annual College Health Association National Meeting where she spoke about her work in the pharmacy, interdisciplinary collaboration with Health Services and the multiple accomplishments of the Health Services Pharmacy that she opened in 2010.  

Christian Heritage

 Although I am a daughter of a Naval Pharmacist, which meant that I moved multiple times before graduating from college, my heart longed to be home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Nashville is where my grandparents inherited their dairy farm from their parents and the land is now a working farm that my family owns and operates.  Madison Church of Christ was the home church for my family, grandparents and great-parents. I remember as a small child, Bro. Ira North and Bro. Mankin from church visiting our home.  At that time I thought Bro. North was so cool and I remember him preaching in a flaming red coat, which led to his nickname, "fiery Ira".  Bro. North and Br. Mankin taught me how to apply God's golden rule in my daily life, "due unto others what you would have them due to you."  That special scripture is my personal life and has carried over to my profession as a pharmacist.  It is my prayer that in teaching student pharmacists they may also be touched to apply this rule to their life, future endeavors and practice.