Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kim Ayes



Dr. Kimberly Barker Ayes is Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of Drug Information Services for the College of Pharmacy. Her teaching responsibilities include Clinical Study Design/Evidence Based Practice, Health Informatics, and Toxicology. Dr. Ayes is one of only eighty board -certified Pharm.D. toxicologists in the world. She spent the last four teen years at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Center for Clinical Toxicology and the Tennessee Poison Center prior to joining our faculty. In addition to serving as Clinical Operations Coordinator for the Poison Center from 2000-2008, she also was Director of the Drug Information Program for Pharmacy Practice residents at Vanderbilt and precepted numerous Pharm. D. residents and Emergency Medicine residents participating in toxicology and drug information rotations. Dr. Ayes completed her pre-pharmacy curriculum at Lipscomb University in 1989 and graduated from Mercer University’s Southern School of Pharmacy in 1993. Her research interests include Medication Errors, Antidote Utilization, and Forensic Toxicology. She is married to Dr. David Ayes and has a 16 year old daughter, Jane, and a 13 year-old stepdaughter, Carmen.

Christian Heritage
I grew up in the church of Christ and was baptized by Willard Collins, then president of David Lipscomb College, at age ten. I was blessed with being able to not only have a Christian family, but also to attend Christian schools for part of my secondary education. I attended Boyd-Buchanan Elementary in Chattanooga for two years and Columbia Academy for four years, prior to coming to Lipscomb University for undergraduate work. Being surrounded by teachers and fellow students that were Christian had a strong influence in my life. The decision to leave my practice site and become a faculty member at the College of Pharmacy was deeply rooted in my faith and the desire to be a part of a something that was clearly and proudly Christian education. I wanted to be a part of something that at its heart is a group of Christians dedicated to the mission of educating future generations of pharmacists to not only have excellent clinical skills, but to also nurture a heart of caring and com passion for others. Interacting with the students opens up such exciting opportunities, whether it is in the classroom discussing evidence -based medicine and how that applies to principles of faith, using informatics tools to create a service project for underserved populations, or on an actual mission trip. My desire is for the students to see this excitement for serving and learning in all that I do and to be able to develop relationships that allow students to feel they can discuss anything with me - whether it is a new drug, an interesting patient case , or their own relationship with Christ.