Live Willing?

By Scott McDowell on 11/2/2012

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In a recent conversation with one of our student leaders I asked him what God had been teaching him. 

He told me he’d been learning to answer the question: Are you willing

He then related the story about his experience speaking a few weeks ago in our chapel program known as The Gathering (available online at: and how he had received such positive encouragement from his peers after delivering the message.  He told me how he’d been nervous about speaking but felt like his willingness to get up and be used by God was as important as anything he said. 

This student is a person with great ability.

He’s a person with even greater availability and he is willing to be used by God.

The more I think about that conversation the more I’m convinced that the question of willingness is the crucial question.

Jesus’ first interaction after delivering the sermon on the mount—the greatest sermon ever preached and the highest ethic ever espoused—was an interaction with a leper who simply said, “If you are willing you can make me clean.” 

Jesus responded, “I am willing.”

It seems like that was always Jesus’ response.  He lived every day willing to be used by God to bless the lives of people and his willingness culminated in a cross.

I want to live willing today.

Are you willing?


Scott McDowell