Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPPs)

What is an ISPP?

In September 2011, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics announced the development of Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways or ISPPs ("ispeys") which are intended to add supervised practice capacity through ACEND-accredited dietetics programs, while providing student protections missing from the unaccredited models of the past. Programs that host ISPPs must be accredited in good standing by ACEND and must assure compliance with ACEND accreditation standards including those addressing supervised practice. Lipscomb has recently been approved by ACEND to provide ISPPs.  

Eligibility for Lipscomb's ISPP

To be eligible for an ISPP at Lipscomb, one must have submitted an acceptable application to Lipscomb's Internship through a previous national Spring  match, interviewed with the Lipscomb selection committee and been unmatched to any supervised practice program. ISPP candidates should meet the minimum application standards of the Lipscomb Internship and are expected to follow all requirements as specified within the Handbook if chosen. ISPPs will be awarded on a year-by-year basis considering the appropriateness of the applicant, the availability of precepting sites, and the capacity of the Internship Director to manage the additional students. 

Once accepted as an ISPP at Lipscomb, the student will be required to register for non-credit course NUGR 5010 for fall. A $7200 fee is required and attached to this course.  Other costs will include personal costs for books, professional dress and foodservice attire, transportation and supplies. ISPP candidates will be responsible for completing required background checks, drug screens, health/immunization records, and FERPA forms in order to be eligible for the supervised practice experiences. Please refer to the information for the Dietetic Internship under Special Programs of the Nutrition website for other program specifics.  ISPPs are considered the same as the interns except do not participate in the annual FNCE convention unless the individual decides to register and pay for the trip themselves, have fewer program costs and are not required to register for the graduate credit course NUGR 5403.  Lipscomb is not currently accepting any more ISPPs for this program year.