Dietetic Internship Program

A dietetic internship is a program completed following completion of an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accredited undergraduate or certificate nutrition program. Under the supervision of dietitians in the field, interns complete a minimum of 1200 hours of practice as well as additional coursework, beginning the first week in August until mid-May. Areas of practice include clinical, community, and food service operations of dietetics. Upon completion of the program, interns are expected to have developed the skills necessary to become entry-level dietitians.

Program Overview

The Dietetic Internship (DI) Program at Lipscomb University is positioned to provide supervised practice and didactic learning experiences to educate students to successfully function as entry-level generalist dietitians in the state, region, and nation. The curriculum is designed to provide for achievement of the competencies established for entry-level dietitians through excellence in both the classroom and supervised practice settings, encouragement of community service, and commitment to the Code of Ethics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Program Outcomes

  1. To prepare graduates to serve competently as entry-level dietitians;
  2. To encourage, motivate, and support interns to complete the internship program;
  3. To affiliate with facilities that will provide progressive, professional role models who participate and will involve interns in the activities of the dietetic and healthcare teams;
  4. To use program resources efficiently and effectively;
  5. To prepare graduates to demonstrate a commitment to the community through service in a variety of ways; and
  6. To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the education process on a continuous basis.

For more information contact Anne Lowery MS, RD, Dietetic Internship Director at 615.966.5746 or by email at