Entrance Exam Registration

Please complete the Nursing Entrance Exam Registration.

Note, a $50 fee will be issued upon submission and must be paid by a credit or debit card before your registration is considered complete.

Registration for the nursing entrance exam is required as part of the application process. This form along with all payments ($50.00) must be submitted when selecting your preferred testing date.
The entrance exam is admistered by Lipscomb University School of Nursing and will be held on the Lipscomb University Campus in the Nursing and Health Sciences Center (classroom # 118). The HESI nursing entrance exam sign-in will begin at 2:30pm. Students will begin the HESI nursing entrance exam at 3:00pm and the exam will end at 5:30pm.
Students will be required to furnish their own laptops in order to take the HESI nursing entrance exam. We also encourage students to bring a power cord along with their laptops since they will have access to an electrical outlet at their desk.
Please note: We are offering several testing dates; however we reserve the right to cancel any testing date that has fewer than 10 students. If this occurs, we will notify the students in advance via email and place them on a testing date with a larger group of students.
Please record the date and time of the your first testing date choice. You will only be contacted if your first choice is unavailable.