Lipscomb University BS Nursing Program

Suggested  Curriculum Plan

Freshman Year  
  Fall - 16 Hours  
  BI 1073  The Story of Jesus  
  LU 1103  Lipscomb Seminar  
  CM 1024 Chemistry for Health Sciences  
  PS 1113  Introduction to Psychology  
  MS 1113 College Algebra  
  *Non-Credit Online Medical Terminology Course (See Below)  
  Spring - 16 Hours  
  BI 1083 The Story of the Church  
  CO 1003 Intro to Communication  
  EN 1123 Composition and  Reading II  
  PS 2423 Life Span Development  
  BY 2424 Introduction to Microbiology  


Sophomore Year  
  Fall - 15 Hours  
  BI 1093 The Story of Israel  
  BY 2434 Anatomy & Physiology I  
  LULT Integrated Literature  (3 hrs)  
  PS 4423 Abnormal Psychology  
  PE Elective (Two 1 hr - Gen Ed Requirement)  
  Spring - 16 Hours  
  LUEG Engagement Multidisciplinary Bible  
  BY 2434  Anatomy & Physiology II  
  NUTR 2613  Principles of Nutrition  
  LUHI Integrated History Elective (Gen Ed Requirement)  
  MA 2183 (or) PS 2503 Statistics *(based on math ACT score)  


Junior Year  
  Fall - 18 Hours  
  BI 3153 Nursing as Kingdom Vocation I  
  NURS 3013 Health Assessment  
  NURS 3024 Mental Health Nursing (Clinical)  
  NURS 3033 Pharmacology for Nursing  
  NURS 3045 Foundations of Professional Nursing (Clinical)  
  Spring - 16 Hours  
  NURS 3056 Comprehensive Adult Health Nursing (Clinical)  
  NURS 3063 Evidence Based Practice and Theory  
  NURS 3074 Family Nursing Infants to Adolescent or NURS 3084 Family Nursing Women’s Health (Clinical)  
  NURS 3093 Pathophysiology Concepts of Disease  


Senior Year  
  Fall - 16 Hours  
  NURS 4016 Comprehensive Adult Nursing II (Clinical)  
  NURS 3074 Family Nursing Infants to Adolescent or NURS 3084 Family Nursing Women’s Health (Clinical)  
  NURS 46nV Elective  
  NURS 4183 Applied Christian Values in Nursing  
  Spring - 15 Hours  
  NURS 4026 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing (Clinical)  
  NURS 4033 Nursing Leadership and Management (Clinical)  
  NURS 4042 Nursing Capstone  
  NURS 4054 Community Health Nursing (Clinical)  

*Please Note: Pre-nursing students are required to take the online non-credit Medical Terminology course before they may apply for the nursing program.  It is HIGHLY recommended that students take the online non-credit Medical Terminology course before taking the Anatomy and Physiology courses. Please Click HERE for directions to access the course.

For a complete listing of courses along with descriptions, please click HERE to view the undergraduate catalog.