Requirements for Admission

Nusring students look over a patient chart in the Simulation LabBefore being admitted to the nursing program, a student must be admitted to Lipscomb University and meet the same criteria for admission to Lipscomb as all other students. In addition, a separate admission process is required for students to be admitted to the School of Nursing. Applicants seeking admission by transfer must meet all the standards required by the university. The application deadline is December 31. Admission to the School of Nursing is based on the following factors:

Applicants will be admitted to the upper division nursing major after completing all requirements. Admission is conditional upon successful completion of any outstanding requirements.

Undergraduate grade point average: Applicants must have at least a cumulative 2.8 GPA in the prescribed 63 hours of pre-requisite course work for the nursing program. All coursework must be completed in the spring and summer semester of the student’s sophomore year before beginning the nursing program in the fall semester of the student’s junior year. A student nurse must maintain a “C” average in any specific course required for the nursing degree. These specific courses are:

  • Bible 3153*
  • Biology 2424, 2434, 2444
  • Chemistry 1013 or 1024
  • Nutrition 2613
  • Psychology 1113, 2423, 4423
  • Mathematics 2183 or Psychology 2503 (Statistics)

Application Process

  1. Submit online: Application for admission—applications must be submitted electronically via the Lipscomb nursing website. Please read the instructions carefully to be sure the application is submitted properly. The deadline for submitting applications is December 31. There is a $25.00 non-refundable application fee that must accompany the application. Payment can be processed online at the time of the application using a debit or credit card.
  2. Submit online: Goal statement—A concise statement of your career goals as a nurse is required and may be uploaded with your application.
  3. Submit online: Three letters of reference are required. The student’s references must be from the following: two letters from collegiate faculty members and one personal reference (someone not related to you who can provide a personal statement of your character and values).
  4. Register online: Examination—a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee is required and a satisfactory score must be achieved on this standardized nursing entrance exam. Exams are scheduled in December and January for each upcoming nursing class. Assessment exam review books are available for purchase by clicking here.
  5. Interview: A personal, on-site interview is required for admission to Lipscomb University School of Nursing. Applicants will only be scheduled for an interview when their application process has been completed.

The following must be completed after receiving a letter of acceptance from the Lipscomb University School of Nursing:

Health History

Strict Adherence to the following—documentation of appropriate immunizations must be submitted to the School of Nursing before initial registration of clinical courses.

  1. Students are required to submit documentation of negative tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray (annually). Date and results required or for a history of a positive TB test, negative chest x-ray.
  2. MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) documentation of two doses of MMR vaccine administered at least 30 days apart with the 1st dose given at 12 months of age or later. Vaccine is required of all students born after 1956. For students born before 1957, documentation of Rubella immunity (Rubella antibody titer) or Rubella vaccination is required.
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine series (3-injections) and a titer. Hepatitis B: A positive screen/titer is required. If the screen/titer is negative you must retake the series of three shots within a six-month period. After one month from the third shot the student can draw the titer. If after the 2nd titer (repeat) is drawn and the result is negative again, then the student should provide a letter from his/her health care provider stating that two series were received (for a total of six shots) and the student remained negative.
  4. Student must have record of DTap and Tdap immunizations.
  5. Varicella titer (students testing negative must be immunized) and then repeat with a titer. Proof of immunity is required by varicella titer regardless of illness history.
  6. A physical exam is required within the last six months (good physical and mental health).
  7. Meningitis vaccine.
  8. Flu Shot (within last 12 months).

Drug Screen and Background Checks

Drug screen and background: criminal background checks and drug screens are requirements for admission and must be completed with satisfactory results prior to admission to Lipscomb University School of Nursing and each year thereafter.

Mandatory Drug Screen: Students attending clinical sites, in accordance with the affiliate’s internal policies, will be required to submit to drug screen.

CPR Requirements

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification for Health Care Providers completion. Student nurses are required to possess certification in a two-person CPR course prior to beginning class. A copy of the CPR card must be on file in the School of Nursing. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep their CPR certification current. CPR certification (BLS-Health Care Provider) must be completed through the American Heart Association.