About Us

Nursing students learning in the SIMS labThe School of Nursing offers a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The school strives to have unprecedented local, national and worldwide impact through our students as we put education into practice. We are committed to working together as we prepare the next generation of nurses to respond to the health needs of others.

We are pleased by your interest and encourage you to learn more about our School. We are confident that you will find our gracious Christian heritage along with our strong academic requirements unmatched.

The School of Nursing continues to earn accolades from alumni, educators and, especially, employers, as it has since its inception. In recent months, we have navigated some unusually choppy waters: several schools have been in the news in our area concerning a "first-time" pass rate metric required by the Tennessee Board of Nursing, our state's licensing agency. Lipscomb is one of those.

The scores in no way affect our accreditation which is granted by a national accrediting body after a rigorous vetting process. And finally, that same board reviewed our program in December, as they always do, and gave it superior ratings, as it has in the past.

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Overview of the School of Nursing

  • We develop and nurture student-centered learning for academic success.
  • We encourage a Christian environment where we mentor, support and impact students, staff and faculty.
  • We promote personal and professional integrity to create a safe and trusting environment.
  • We assist and support each other as we strive to achieve common goals.
  • We recognize and embrace our local and global community.

Mission Statement

The mission of nursing at Lipscomb University is to educate baccalaureate nurses to be leaders in providing service to humanity as evidenced by quality, compassionate care that is focused on the holistic needs of patients and their families in the community.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • To prepare professional nurses who demonstrate competency and leadership to meet the health needs of society.

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