Department of Psychology

Topics of Interest

Childhood traumatic grief

Children of divorce

Cognitive Development

Grief counseling



Alzheimer's Disease


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Dale Alden
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Academic Specialties
-- Neuropsycholgoy
-- Neurological disorders
-- Geriatrics

Other Topics
Diagnosis of dementia  •  Sleep disorders  •  PTSD  •  ADD/ADHD  •  Brain/behavior relationships  •  Brain changes with aging  •  Alzheimer's Disease effects and information  •  Parkinson's disease effects and information  •  Dreams  •  Memory  •  Forensic psychology

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Chris Gonzalez
Director of Family and Marriage Program
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Academic Specialties
-- Marriage and Family Therapy
-- Family Relations

Other Topics
Family Life Cycle • Personal Relationships • Psychopathology • Positive Youth Development • Religious and spiritual development in adolescence

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Roy W. Hamley
Professor of Psychology

  • General psychology
  • Grief counseling
  • Church-related counseling
  • Multi-cultural issues

Hamley has been associated with Lipscomb University since 1974, and teaches in the areas of general and social psychology and grief counseling.


Shanna Ray
Program Director, M.S. in Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology


Academic Specialties
-- Lifespan development
-- Cognitive psychology
-- Psychological research

Other Topics
Life span development • Psychology of religion and spirituality • Social Psychology • Multicultural issues • Gender Issues • Memory and cognition • Infant and child development •  Cognitive Development

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Douglas Ribeiro
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Academic Specialties
-- Multicultural and Community Psychology
-- Mental Health Counseling

Other Topics
Psychopathology and adaptive behavior • Multicultural issues in counseling • Family therapy • Religion issues in counseling • Acculturative stress • Immigrant marriages • Attachment theory and intimate partner violence in the Latino population • PTSD • Mood disorders • Anger management • Interpersonal issues • Compulsive behaviors • Dementia • Substance abuse • Undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and the stress it poses on their families and marriage

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Denis’ A. Thomas
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Academic Specialties
-- Child and family studies
-- Play therapy

Other Topics
School counseling •  Childhood traumatic grief  •  Grief counseling • Child-centered play therapy •  The effects of divorce on children •  Emotional resilience in children •  Mental health wellness •  Stress-relief •  Career counseling •  Suicide • General counseling

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