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All faculty experts can be reached through the Office of Communication and Marketing by calling Janel Shoun at 615.966.7078 or Kim Chaudoin at 615.966.6494 or by submitting an online media resources request by clicking here.

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Fortune Mhlanga
Dean of the College of Computing and technology 
Academic Specialties
-- Computer Science
-- Software Engineering
Other Topics
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in developing countries  •  Computer security issues  • Simulation and modeling •  ICT in entrepreneurial and economic development  •  Creative economic  strategies for development  • Computer game development


Elizabeth Breeden
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Director of Masters of Health Care Informatics Program
Academic Specialties
-- Health Care Informatics
-- Electronic Health Records
-- Medication Therapy Management
Other Topics
Pharmacy Informatics Competencies  •  Consumer Health Informatics  •  Electronic Health Record  •  Clinical Decision Support  •  Health Information Exchange, Interoperability and Federal Regulations   •  Computerized Provider Order Entry  •  Electronic prescriptions  •  Medication use process  •  Vendor health care IT  •  Medication use and patient safety