Department of Nutrition

Topics of Interest

Fad diets

Childhood obesity

Nutrition in Public Schools

Organic trends
Nutritional supplements

Restaurant menus, nutritional analysis

Nutrition for college students

Sports nutrition

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Autumn Marshall
Chair for Department of Family
and Consumer Sciences
Director of Freshman Seminars 
Professor of Nutrition
Academic Specialties
-- Nutrition
Other Topics:
Nutritional biochemistry  •  Fatty acids such as Omega 3  •  Fad diets  •  Nutritional education for a low-income audience  •  Diet and disease  •  Childhood obesity  •  Childhood nutrition  •  Vending laws in schools  •  Sports nutrition  •  Legal aspects of nutritional analysis of menus for local restaurants

Nancy Hunt
Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Nutrition
Other Topics
Fad diets  •  Nutritional guidelines for vending machines  •  Nutritional value laws  •  Nutrition for children and schools  •  Organic trends  •  Diet and disease  •  Sports nutrition  •  College students nutritional needs and practices  •  Nutritional supplements  •  Weight management

Anne Lowery
Assistant Professor of Nutrition
Director of the Dietetic Internship Program

Academic Specialties
-- Nutrition
-- Food Science

Other Topics
School lunches •  Nutrition in public schools  •  Exercise in public schools •  Childhood obesity •  Sustainable gardening  •   Restaurant nutrition •  Healthy snacking  • program •  Dietetic licensure  •  Food safety •  Nutrition for Diabetics •  Vending machines in schools •  Healthy eating on a budget

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