Department of History, Politics, and Philosophy

Topics of Interest

Middle-Eastern Politics and History

Congressional Campaigns

International relations

American politics

State policy and administration

History of Modern China

Wartime policy past and present

Founding Principles of America

Islamic Culture

Intelligence Field and National Security Issues

International peace and justice

National security issues

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Howard Miller
Department Chair of History, Politics and Philosophy

Associate Professor


Academic Specialties
-- Medieval Studies
-- History and Culture of Spain

Other Topics
The Mozarabs • History of Islam in America • Early Islamic cuisine • Cross-cultural interactions between Muslims and Christians in medieval Iberia • Medieval cuisine • Spanish history • The rise and development of romantic love

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Richard Goode
Professor of History

Academic Specialties
-- American History

Other Topics
 Colonial America • Foundations of 20th Century America • Civil Rights Movement • Native American Studies • Religion in American Culture

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Neal Allison
Instructor of History
Academic Specialties
-- Intellectual History (modern)
Other Topics
Comparative world culture • 20th century U.S. history • International peace and justice • 20th century American military history • Interaction of ideas across time, culture and politics


Jerry Gaw
Professor of History
Academic Specialties
-- Modern Europe (1600 - present)
Other Topics
History of England • History of Medicine •  
European Politics


Timothy Johnson
Professor of History
Academic Specialties
-- Eighteenth and nineteenth century American history
Other Topics
Mexican-American War • America’s war-time and political history and the relationships to current policy • Nineteenth century military and political history • James K Polk presidency •  Andrew Jackson presidency • Revolutionary War and revolutionary America • Founding Fathers


Marc Schwerdt
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Academic Specialties
-- American and International Politics
Other Topics
International relations • American politics • Research methods for political polling • National and state political campaigns • Political science fiction • Congressional campaigns



Dwight Tays
Professor of Political Science
Academic Specialties
-- American state and local politics 
-- Public law
-- Public administration
Other Topics
Public administration and constitutional law • Legal status of Indian Nations within the U.S • The Carter Doctrine • State policy and administration


Guy Vanderpool
Visiting Professor of Political Science
Academic Specialties
-- Chinese History (1920s)
Other Topics
Russian History • History of modern China and the Far East • History of American foreign policy • The Intelligence field and national security issues