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All faculty experts can be reached through the Office of Communication and Marketing by calling Janel Shoun at 615.966.7078 or Kim Chaudoin at 615.966.6494 or by submitting an online  media resources request by clicking here.

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Ray Eldridge
Interim Dean
Professor of Management and Marketing
Academic Specialties
-- Personal and Team Leadership
-- Continuous Quality Improvement 
Other Topics
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award • Service Operations • Business School Accreditation • Assessment of Learning • Business Leadership Lessons & the American Civil War


Michael Kendrick
Director of the Center for Global Connectedness and Collaboration
Associate Dean for Graduate Business Studies
Associate Professor of Management
Academic Specialties
-- Human Resource Management and Team Building
Other Topics
Recruitment selection • Training and development • Performance management • Compensation • Team Building, Development, and Leadership • Crisis communication with employees


John Crawford
Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Assessment
Professor of Management and Marketing
Academic Specialties
-- Marketing
Other Topics
Branding • Products and promotional activities • Strategy • Service marketing • Use of marketing principles in religious settings • Consumer behavior • Marketing ethics


Andy Borchers
Academic Chair, Associate Professor of Management and Marketing

Academic Specialties
-- Management and Marketing
-- Business Administration

Other Topics
Automotive industry • Manufacturing • Operations and Supply Chain Management • Service Business Management • Information systems - Technology and management • Economics • Data Quality • Environmental Sustainability • Entrepreneurship • IT Outsourcing • Entrepreneurial Education Programs

Education • Awards • Professional Experience • Interesting Information


Charles Frasier
Chair of Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Professor of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Academic Specialties
-- Auditing
-- Financial Accounting
Other Topics
Tax planning  •  Personal finance  •  Basic estate planning • Income tax planning
Education • Awards • Professional Experience 


Turney Stevens
Dean Emeritus of the College of Business
Academic Specialties
-- Entrepreneurship
-- Corporate governance
-- Investment banking
-- Business ethics
Other Topics
Small business issues • Ethical environment in today’s workplace and in business education • Corporate strategy • Investment banking • Venture capital • C-level management issues • Global business and finance • Nashville’s business evolution • Health care investment